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Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment Results

Treatment Results of Diabetes mellitus

131 patients of diabetes mellitus (53 Type-I patients and 78 Type-II patients) underwent the autologous stem cell treatment at Advancells and were evaluated post-treatment. Out of the 23 Diabetes Type-I patients depicted in the left bar of left diagram, 35.3% reported greater stability in blood glucose level and 36.7% reported less hypoglycemia. From the group of 30 Diabetes type II patients, depicted in the left bar of right diagram,51% reported increased stability in blood glucose level and more than 40% showed less neuropathic symptoms; 42.4% felt less numb and 44.1% regained more responsiveness in the legs.

78 patients showed decreased HbA1c values in their post-treatment laboratory results. The treatments effect was realized over different periods of follow up but it was effective in both type I and type II patients. Out of 30 type-I patients, greater diminution ofHbA1c value was observed within 3 to 6 months corresponding to the first three months post treatment. The same observation was made after a time period of six months or more post treatment for 48 type II patients suggesting a greater longevity in the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, 38 patients reported decreased medication, with 60% or more reduction in type II patients and also a 30% reduction in type I patients.

diabetes results

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