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Cerebral palsy is a complex condition, where there is no straightforward treatment, which is because each individual is affected differently. CP is often associated with abnormal brain development or damage to some parts of the brain may be due to poor oxygen supply or internal bleeding. However, the brain injury that causes CP cannot be cured; the resulting physical impairment can be managed.  Even though there is no common truce developed for treating CP spectrum, a person’s form of cerebral palsy, extent of impairment, and severity level help to determine care.

A wide range of treatments and therapies are coming up as a promise to treat CP thoroughly where Stem cell research is potentially showing successful results. Stem Cell therapy is being performed to determine whether damaged brain cells can be fixed or replaced.

Additionally, it is said that “Prevention is better than cure” means avoiding risk factors before conception, during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, which primarily helps a child from developing cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is not a progressive disease, which means relieve for any future damage. Although the exact symptoms can change over a person’s lifetime, treatment and therapies can improve the lives to a great extent. It is advised to get a therapy as soon diagnosis proves the condition.

Common treatments to CP are medicines, surgery, braces, and physical, occupational, and therapy, while there is no single treatment is best one for all children. Conventionally only supportive treatments were present to temporarily relieve the pain or the symptoms, additionally there are many support services available for the effective management of some activities and programs such as day care services or nursing programs. Although the damage in terms of death of neurons cannot be halted or reversed with this treatment approach till the discovery of stems cells. Apart from tendency to give rise to healthy neurons; these stem cells also has a unique ability to identify and home in the affected area. These cells are also responsible for creation of microenvironment and secretion of hormones for faster rejuvenation.

The stem cell therapy approach mainly focuses on delivering the sufficient number of Adult Autologous Stem Cells which will travel into multiple areas of the brain where the damage has occurred.

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