Erectile Dysfunction is often a warning sign of a more serious indication such as heart disease or diabetes. Therefore, looking at ED as a disease itself may be wrong. If you are facing ED, then getting checked for one or more of these conditions could be a practical way of treating ED.

Top 5 conditions that can lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to constriction of nerves and blood vessels that restricts the flow of blood to organs. It also damages muscles and can lead to numbness or lack of sensation. For an erection to occur, the nerves play key role in sensation and blood vessels will aid inflow towards the penile region. The dysfunction of the nervous and circulatory system will prevent erection leading to Erectile Dysfunction. A study has shown that men with diabetes are at three times higher risk of developing ED. Therefore, treating Diabetes will be a more viable approach in this case to approach ED.

  1. Heart Disease

A study has shown that ED precedes cardiovascular diseases in almost 70% of the cases. This means ED could, in fact, be a warning signal for underlying coronary artery disease. During heart diseases, there is a natural buildup of plaque or cholesterol in the blood vessels that prevents reduces flow to the heart muscles. Since blood vessels in penile region are much narrower, their blockage is more prominent and thus interferes with erection. In either case, it is advisable to get checked for an underlying heart problem if one faces sexual issues.

  1. Neurological Conditions

Our brain is the control center of our body. Our mental health is vital for sexual wellbeing. Any condition affecting the nervous system such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can affect sexual desires. Psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress can interfere with muscle contraction. Release of stress hormones will reduce blood flow and sexual drive in an individual. Therefore, ensuring a positive and cheerful attitude can help prevent ED.

  1. Kidney Disease

Having a chronic kidney condition can affect the sexual hormones such a testosterones and luteinizing hormone. Renal disease leads to testicular damage, reduced spermatogenesis and also the volume of ejaculate. This can affect fertility in men as well.

  1. Prostate Cancer

Although prostate will not affect the erection capacity, treatments for prostate cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. ED can occur temporarily in prostate cancer patients. Further surgeries involving removal of prostate gland can lead to difficulty maintaining an erection.