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Standing up for what is right, in the right moment, is a great virtue. But what if your erection doesn’t happen when you need it the most? Men dealing with the lack of penile erection are often treated as a joke by their sexual partners and it affects their psychological thought process. Very few men come forward, keeping aside their social and mental insecurities, to accept their inability to get an erection during sexual intercourse. A lack of erection, at times during sexual activities, can be due to stress or just a bad day at work but if the issue is frequent, there is a high chance of suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So how do you know if you own the disorder?

Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Minor health issues or stress can slow down sexual response and cause intermittent sexual problems in males but that does not ascertain the condition of erectile dysfunction. But if the following signs come up, it is better to be aware and seek medical help:

Reduced Male Arousal

Erectile Dysfunction hampers your ability to feel aroused and reduces your urge to be intimate with your sexual partner. It affects the intricate body metabolism to allow male arousal. If you do not feel like being sexually intimate most of the time and often deny intimacy even when your sexual partner urges, you may be suffering from ED.

• Inability to get and maintain an erection

During sexual intimacy with your partner, if there is a frequent issue of losing your erection or if you are finding it difficult to get an erection even though your mind is sexually stimulated, it is high time to realize that Erectile Dysfunction is not just a mental problem and there are ways to reduce these symptoms by proper medical attention.

Risk Factors

Older people above the age of 40 are more prone to ED issues and around 40% of men are affected at the age of 40. Although age is the most important risk factor, other factors related to obesity, smoking, drug abuse, or prior injuries can affect males severely. Furthermore, chemotherapy or hypertension medications may also back up the conditions of erectile dysfunction in male patients.

Ways To Counter Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The first and foremost remedy to overcome ED is de-stressing. A healthy diet, a good hygienic lifestyle, and a big ‘NO’ to smoking and drugs come after that. Other than these, the mechanical or physical safety of the male secondary sexual organs are vital to avoid injuries that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

With no specific cure to the disorder other than the availability of treatments involved with penile implants, pumps, and vasodilation medications, current research has shifted towards the applications of Regenerative Medicine in Erectile Dysfunction. Several cases of erectile dysfunction have been successfully treated worldwide and Advancells is an indispensable part of the success. With the regenerative potential of stem cell therapy, erectile dysfunction will no longer have a promising ‘stand-up’ comedy career in the future.