“We were happily married, but now it has taken a nasty rut…;” the most confound statement ever thrown by the couple who claim to have secluded sexual issues. Experts claim that the marriage has never been and will never be happy by itself, unless both the partners work for it to be more harmonious, blissful and most importantly interactive! The research evidently declares that the cold shoulders given over the silent problems such as Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction can not only collapse one’s marital ecstasy to the point of getting separated but the issue can also disturb mental side of one’s well being. Thus irrespective of civil status, age, orientation; sexual health is the most influential part of man’s life bestowing his marital foundation as well as personal welfare.

Though sounding taboo, erectile dysfunction; the most stereotyped botheration for men over the age 40; has presently analysed even in younger generations. The global critique data has painted a fuzzy picture of it to be prevalent in all age groups ranging from 2% to 40%.  Apart from this the most concluding social implications of ED is its accelerated prominence as a “Sentinel Marker” for more fatal diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disorders etc.

The term Erectile Dysfunction is used when the man is encountering the constant problem in dragging out penile erection. To be familiar with the disorders in terms of causes and symptoms it is necessary to understand the mechanism of ED. Erection is a process of hydraulic friction wherein the blood is filled in two chambers of penis known as corpora cavernosa.  The process is sparked by the signal transmission from brain to the nerves of the penis. ED is the result of barricade, blocking the transposal of these signals. It results from physical factors such as hormonal, vascular or neurological as well as physiological factors such as injury or surgery, which overall is upsetting the sequence.

Though supplementary treatments with potential side effects, such as oral medications are available as band-aid to boost up the erectile ability, patients are increasingly demanding for more successful treatment favorable in healing erectile dysfunction. Thus researchers have excavated concealed potential of stem cells as an optimal therapy meeting curative intent. These stem cells; when put through in vitro laboratory techniques can be trained to be any cells of the body.  In the view of the same concept these prime cells of the body are persuaded to be lost blood vessels, damaged nerves and active receptors etc; thus all crucial structures of penis can be brought back to normal and its youthful erection can be accomplished again.

Stem cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction with Advancells

At Advancells, we are exploiting the full potential of autologous stem cells as “the cure” for erectile dysfunction. These cells, isolated from bone marrow and/or adipose tissues when infused through intracavernous injections they have proved to be a good tool for regenerating scarring and can also create a microenvironment for facilitating fast reversal of damaged tissue, thus are helpful in restoring the penile function back.

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