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Amidst a busy work schedule, exercise has always been suggested not only as a stress-buster but also as a means to regulate the normal functioning of the body. Exercise and yoga are positively considered as fine tuners for one’s health and immune system. According to scientific reports, regular exercise of moderate- to intense-nature keeps a good check on cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation that has slacked and slouched off busy office timings for several people worldwide, it is now all the more important to routinely indulge in exercises to improve on physical as well as mental health front. But with gyms and parks being closed, it is time to learn and practice some easy quarantine exercises from videos and tutorials over the internet!

Benefits of Exercises

  • Stress Relief: Exercising releases chemicals in our body which helps in improving mental mood, reducing depression and anxiety, and delaying the risk of dementia.
  • Weight Management: Exercises along with a well-balanced diet is the best dosage for weight management, which is a necessity as obesity comes along with major health risks.
  • Prevents Diseases: Regular exercise reduces blood pressure and accordingly reduces the risk of other health disorders like diabetes, stroke etc.
  • Body Flexibility: Exercise increases body balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. With age, our body tends to get more rigid and exercise can be the best solution to it for a healthy future.

How can Exercise help against COVID-19?

Exercises reportedly help in modulating a wide range of body signaling like immune responses to vaccination, low-grade inflammation, metabolic functions, and also improves body health in cases of cardiovascular or heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has raised a lot of questions regarding how exercise can boost our immunity against the ongoing coronavirus disease.

On a scientific note, cortisol compounds are elevated during stress / isolation (similar to being quarantined during these times) periods and they can inhibit many critical immune functions of our body immune system by affecting the T cells and NK cells that ward off viral infections. Exercise gives a dynamic push to the body’s immune system with a cardiorespiratory thrust that mobilizes the immune cells against infections. Moreover blood circulation improvements due to exercise makes the body more equipped and aware to fight infections.

Currently, the problems associated with the risk of COVID-19 infection are getting aggravated due to two factors: public exposure and stress. Therefore, while maintaining a social distance pattern, it is important that we take care of our physical and mental health. A good hygiene is always crucial for building up our immunity and in these dire times of viral infection risk, good immunity is the only primary shield we need to yield against infection susceptibility. To briefly sum up, keeping a physically active body and sharp mind, by exercising regularly, can aid the habit of upholding a good body immunity. Thus, exercise can play a major role in our fight against COVID-19. Work Hard, Stay Safe!

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