Fatigue is generally known as a feeling of weariness, tiredness or lack of energy, and one of the common symptoms in elderly people. It has been evident that people with over exhaustion and fatigue show significant functional decline. However, its importance is often underestimated for being natural part of ageing or can be misunderstood as somnolence, dyspnea or muscle weakness. Furthermore, people may often misunderstand fatigue with their daily issues like boredom, distaste of work, sleepiness, weakness etc.

Apparently normal fatigue or lack of energy can be due to ageing itself, but there are also other causes related to the routine life. For example every person has a limit to work and working against your body without rest can be a reason of fatigue. Rest is quite necessary to keep yourself fresh and energetic, but if you do not sleep for at least seven to eight hours in a day, you can experience fatigue and tiredness.

Oppositely, if one does not work at all, can experience the feeling of fatigue that is also as called “couch potato syndrome.” Additionally, it has been noticed many times that there are medicines that may impart side effects like drowsiness and fatigue. Theses medicines that cause fatigue are due to the presence of antihistamines found in many cold/flu syrups, beta-blockers for heart disease, sleeping pills, as well as anti-depressants and hence may make you stressed and tired.

Normal fatigue can be cured by keeping few things in mind. If you are not getting enough sleep then try to be little regular in time and give proper rest to your body. Moderate exercise can deal with couch potato syndrome. A daily basis exercise routine will definitely keep you healthy and young forever. As mentioned earlier, medicines can be one of the reasons of making you feel stressed; it is advised to talk to your physician about the substitution of the same. Addition of fruits and vegetables to your diet can as well be important to avoid fatigue.

However, if you are feeling persistently tired for over two to four weeks, and unable to continue work as compared to before, it can be associated with a medical problem. Fatigue can be one of the very vague and wide-ranging symptoms that accompany many other diseases like cancer, anemia, chronic heart and kidney disease, obesity, diabetes etc. Other than known diseases that you might be going through, it could also be a sign of some medical problems of which you may not be aware. At times, if the fatigue is being experienced suddenly with intense chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heart rate, it needs urgent medical attention as it may be associated with serious heart problems.

Another very serious cause of fatigue can as well be depression. While it is curable but it still requires being diagnosed by a medical specialist.

Thus, being tired is expected more as we age. There are a few things that we can do to restore some of that old vim and vigor, but other conditions that might cause extreme fatigue requires urgent medical help.


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