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Hey Mom, for sale last evening I saw you slightly tangled as well as exhausted in your deep emotions, as you were busy attending guest for my birthday party. Although you were distributing pastries and French fries to other children, you always had that ever watchful third eye on my little younger brother, sitting at the corner of the sofa. He was at the pick of his energy levels, poking other children every couple of minutes; and you were simply smiling at your playful child. That was the ultimate satisfaction, I could notice in your eyes, after a very long time!
I am unable to experience or speculate, the trauma; you had been through, since last six years after Neel’s birth! Feeling very sorry, for admitting that you could not always be a superhuman, but yes the time was full of frustrations, worries, and uncertainty!
It’s been two years after Neel has diagnosed for autism, and four years leading upto it. However, his first 18 months were relatively bland with no specific events to be noticed. Although developmentally, he was slightly behind me, but no one could predict that he may be autistic; until and unless some major concerns were noticed. Progressive loss of speech, constant irritability, sudden detachment from social circle, etc; however at three years he had very good memory for numbers. I could still remember the difficulty you had to face in bringing him to common places. The remarks of the concerned people, their judgemental comments, sad looks and you didn’t have any explanation for it. There was just a deep sigh, stating that “please forgive him, he is autistic!” At that time, my heart used to broke for you!
And the day came, two years ago, when he was diagnosed with autism! Doctors suggested stem cell treatment for him as the only possible alternative to stop the progression, which can as well possibly reverse the damage. We were doubtful, about the success, but at that crucial point, you had come forward and decided to treat him. Finally last year, he was treated with his own stem cells. Doctors had suggested some unusual source for the treatment, it’s named as autologous stem cells isolated from the patient’s own bone marrow, in a medical language. You were quite scared, as you thought that he will be in an OT for a longer time, with the general anaesthesia; but to your surprise, the procedure went over in just few hours. On the same day, Neel was back in home with us!
Today, I have my younger brother right in front of me! He has now started mingling with other children. Playing, shouting, laughing as other do! I cannot say, he has become completely alright, but yes, he is getting back to the life slowly and steadily.
Thanks Mommy for your courage to opt for the treatment and thank you, science & medical fraternity for showing us the way through stem cell treatment !

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