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Cerebral Palsy

"...After 5 month of Martin’s Stem Cell therapy, now he is clearer in longer sentences. The spasms in his body have decreased. The head and back stand more upright, able to move his legs and arms more freely. We are very happy with the treatment..."

Eye Disorder

"...Nishi S from Africa a 29 year old female patient is suffering from Hereditary form of Best Disease also known as Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy. After Autologous Bone Marrow + Adipose Tissue Stem Cell transplant, the haziness in the vision was almost gone and the patient was able to read the eye chart to the third line which she was not able to do before the procedure...."


"..15 years old Tharini from Chennai was diagnosed as an instance of Autism by the age 3. Within 2/3 weeks of stem cells therpay she started showing considerable improvements in her social and behavioural patterns ..."

Macular Degeneration

"...Allen Purdy, a 58 year old gentleman had been suffering from Macular Degeneration from childhood and was legally blind for past 42 years. He decided to take stem cell therapy with Advancells. He has noticed significant improvement in his field of vision with almost clear vision in the left visual field past 20 degrees and in the inferior visual field. He is very pleased..."

Rheumatoid Arthritis

"...Before the treatment I could not even turn on the bad. My mom used to used to help me in turning. My problems were increasing daily basis. Somebody suggested me for Stem Cell Treatment and I got a miraculous recovery with the treatment..."                                                                           


"....Md. Ismail Nazim Russel, an international badminton umpire from Bangladesh. Due to diabetes my weight started increasing drastically. I searched for the treatment other than taking insulin. I decided to go for Stem Cell Therapy at Advancells. Post therapy I felt energetic and my sugar level have also came down..."                                                                           


"...Mr. Fida Mohammad, 63 years from Peshawar Pakistan was a healthy and active gentleman till about 5 years ago when he started feeling some week ness in the thumb on the left leg. Slowly, he stared getting incidences of foot drop and within one year of starting of symptoms he was unable to walk and was confined to a wheel chair...."