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The analysis of protocol for vascular surgery by the University of Crete in Greece was recently published as “Autologous Mesenchymal cells for the treatment of patients with critical limb ischemia”. The results show the possibility of a promising treatment.

Six patients underwent the treatment; all of them having been advised to undergo a limb amputation surgery.

The average age of the patient group was 70 years. Three had already undergone previous amputation prior to treatment. Four patients were diabetic and five suffered from hypertension. Two patients had hyperlipidemia and/or suffered from stenosis of superficial femoral artery.

4 patients out of the total 6 improved post-treatment thereby not requiring amputation. One of the two unfortunate patients underwent amputation while the other patient has refused to give consent for the procedure even when it has become an extremely necessary medical decision.

Ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI) which measures the blood pressure of the lower portion of legs in comparison to that of the arms, indicated that prior to the stem cell treatment all the patients had severe arterial damage. Post-treatment the index improved by about 30% suggesting that the patients’ condition improved post treatment and they belonged to the moderate arterial damage category.

The treatment enabled patients to walk better and the complaints of pain in the affected limb reduced by almost 20%.

It is must be mentioned that the two patients who did not benefit from the treatment belonged to the subgroup suffering from stenosis of superficial femoral artery.