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“This Valentine Celebrate Good Health with your Significant Other”

Advancells wishes you all a very Happy and Youthful Valentine’s Day!

Health Vows Each Couple Should Make to Each Other This Valentine’s Day
Gone are the days when the Valentine’s Day used to be celebrated by sweeties across the globe with the help of crimson roses, candlelit dinner ideas or with cuddly stuffed animals! Quite Nauseating, Isn’t It?

If you don’t really wish to be cheesy and be ripped off by the capitalism of unethical merchants; you really have to show sincerity towards your partner with a sensible touch of creativity. As a matter of fact, love can be expressed through thousands of ways, and not just through roses and chocolates. Read on further to get some unique ideas about how to express your love with your better half through a candid gesture.

Instead of Roses and Chocolates

Roses and chocolates can be the no-brainer’s gift for one’s valentine. In other way, it can be misinterpreted as savior for people, who are buying their gifts at 11th hour. Moreover, on V day probably the price inflation rate for stuffed toys and roses is 100%.

Try Instead: Being loving is being rationale, you cannot spend that much for cliché item that may not last even for two days. Instead your gift should symbolize your everlasting love for each other. Instead you can book an appoint for any new-age therapy, like stem cell therapy which bring back theyouthful glow back in your loved one.

Instead of candlelit dinner

The bad romantic movies are to be blamed for those who think that V day is generally incomplete without playing footsies and staring at each other across the table in a light of a candle. Its all OK, if you are not paying through your nose for food that would cost half the price on normal days.

Try Instead: Instead you can do something equally romantic, which can be splurge on instead. You can get full body check up done for your partner, which can be helpful to detect health issues early before they zero down your life. Today, stem cell therapy has proven to be potential for variety of diseases, for which earlier medical science has no solution; only if the health issues are being taken care of early.

Instead of watching rom-com movie

You should care a damn about what is happening in between Harry and Sally, or what is written in that darn notebook or cry along with them for their personal issues.

Try Instead: Instead of showcasing your adoration and endearment towards each other through expensive pay off on movies; you can be quite reasonable by taking care of each other’s health by maintaining balanced and healthy lifestyle. There you have it! Valentine’s day is more than just roses and teddy bears. Show your better that you spend the time and effort to think about something different to do for a change!

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