There is a sufficient body of scientific evidence that links positive affirmation, belief and hope with self-healing. This is like a placebo effect of the drug control administered to a patient during a clinical trial. The patient thinks he is receiving a novel drug that can miraculously transform his health condition. Just a positive thought will give him faith in the medicine even though he is not being administered an actual drug. Several studies have found positive outcomes in placebo patients that may even be comparable to drug test groups. Similarly, if you go a physician and even if he prescribes you a sugar pill or vitamin tablet, you can see beneficial effects. This is because you have faith in the medical profession and your doctor. Your mind starts sending signals to the body assuring that things are fine and the body will manifest that way.

Looking Through a Scientific Dimension

A positive attitude has been shown to reduce the perception of pain in patients of chronic diseases. On the other side, negative emotions like anxiety, stress have been associated as a trigger for several diseases. They not only lower your immune response but also make you prone to several genetic and lifestyle disorders. Our mind has the power to affect us physiologically. As rightly said, “You become what you think”. This does not mean positive thinking will work on a seriously ill dying patient. There is no measurable percentage by which you can state improvement levels. Positive thinking cannot replace medical advancements but it can certainly bolster the effects of therapy. While people think this could be fairly achievable, remaining positive at all times isn’t all that easy. Negative emotions and thoughts can easily shake your belief. If you think on the Bright side, there is nothing to lose and there are no risks involved in being just happy.

If we speak about stem cell therapy, just like other medical advancements, it is at a very nascent stage for several diseases. Definitely, there is scientific proof behind the mechanism of working of stem cells. But still, there is a section of people who believe that this won’t work. And it will not work for them. Their negative attitude will affect the working of stem cells. For all patients undergoing stem cell therapy at Advancells, we recommend having a positive attitude and faith in the treatment process. This certainly accelerates their healing process. Faith is a strong emotion and it is built with sufficient knowledge behind a process. Asking questions and clarifying queries in advance will give a sense of trust. We work closely with patients to impart scientific knowledge and ensure complete satisfaction before treatment.

Science and psychology work together and stem cell therapy is another domain where attitude just matters.