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Stem cells and the science of regenerative medicine have leaped a long way towards offering a definitive protocol to treat various orphan diseases like Alzheimer’s or Cerebral Palsy etc. Researchers are mostly exploiting the regenerative potential, while using stem cells for therapeutic applications. In other words, stem cell therapy or stem cell transplant is used to replace diseased cells with their healthier version. Since, their initial investigations, scientists have thought over with various types of Stem Cells to be suitable for therapeutic concern; however, today autologous adult somatic cells obtained from various sources are primarily acknowledged with respect to their ability to transdifferentiate into multiple other tissue specific cells.

As far as various modules of stem cell transplant procedures, it could either be autologous (from their own body), allogenic (from another individual) or syngeneic (from an identical twin).

There are a few steps involved in Stem Cell Transplantation:

  1. Checking if the person is qualified for a treatment or not.
  2. Extraction of stem cells from sources mostly from bone marrow or adipose tissues
  3. Processing of the stem cells in the laboratory
  4. Implantation of the stem cells into the patient