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Early baldness is the most depressing and common experience for both men and women nowadays. As the full head of hair is directly associated with the youth and beauty, it may be quite frustrating to face the hair loss at the young age. The media is full of many adverts offering the best creams, oils and other effective for hair loss treatment, although in reality, what all they can offer are false promises or temporary solution to prevent hair loss. Since last couple of years, research on how stem cells can be effectively used for the problem of hair loss is in full swing and so far the results obtained are very promising. Practically the approach that the stem cells can heal or repair naturally, is appealing to many people who are now directing themselves towards the stem cell treatment for hair loss rather than being a pray for many manufacturers of various topical or oral treatments.

Stem cells are the youngest cells of the body, which can be directed to become any cells as and when required. People are becoming aware of the remarkable effects of stem cell treatments, which are being exploited by the medical professionals to treat a variety of ailing diseases. Hair loss is also not exception for it. In order to move ahead, it is better to understand the quite complicated mechanism of hair growth or hair generation. At the fetal level, thousands of follicles are generated from the dermal papillae. Dermal papillae are small extensions of the dermis into the epidermis underneath the skin.

Their main role is to nourish hair follicles for generation of hair through blood and oxygen supply. It is considered to be the most crucial for hair follicle development and cycle. Each follicle gives rise to one hair shaft. Each hair shaft is again surrounded by the dermal sheath to give strong support to hair fibre and maintain and give strength to the dermal papillae. Since our childhood many times we come across the situation of casual hair loss may be during combing or washing. At the same time a new shaft is grown from the follicle. This is because both these structures dermal papillae and dermal sheath are full of fibroblast and progenitor cells, which are responsible for new hair generations. However, due to old age, stress, genetic factors, or sudden trauma, these follicles are damaged and not able to regrow any hair on them.

The use of stem cell for hair loss was initially  thought to be unrealistic that a skin can be stimulated with stem cell treatments but now after a lot of research and clinical data, doctors have accepted it as a surprising and exciting concept altogether. Stem cells can be withdrawn from the potent autologous sources of our body, such as Bone Marrow or Adipose  Tissues. These stem cells can be infused back into the dermal papillae by first stimulating it with growth factors. This way, genes responsible for generating hair follicles known as wnt genes are activated to form hair follicles and grow hair shaft from them.

The results so far are much more promising than was expected, without any  known evidences of side effects.  Although every new day, new development is taking place for the stem cell therapy for hair loss, for those who suffer with hair loss, this is the current effective alternative.