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Many patients who are suffering from health ailments issues like osteoarthritis or ALS/MND have quite a limited range of therapeutic options. Good healthy lifestyle, steroids for pain medications, topical treatments, and surgeries have been the conventional treatment regime until recent times. In the case of such tissue degenerative disorders, stem cell therapy has shown promising results and offers great therapeutic potential as an alternative to invasive and side effects-prone treatment options.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cells are native cells of the human body that can differentiate into several cell types like muscle cells, brain cells, heart cells, etc. In the case of stem cell therapy, these cells are extracted from the patient (autologous) and reinfected after processing them in lab settings as per the differentiation requirements of the cells based on the disorder. Stem Cell treatment generally uses adult mesenchymal stem cells extracted from the bone marrow or adipose tissue of the patient. In special cases, stem cells are extracted from the umbilical cord or other non-patient sources (allogenic) for therapy but to ensure optimum safety of the treatment, doctors prefer autologous stem cell therapy. 

Stem cell treatment, also regarded as regenerative medicine, provides a risk-free, non-invasive alternative to surgery based invasive treatments. Moreover, unlike steroids and NSAIDs, stem cell therapy is natural and does not possess any severe side effects if proper treatment procedures are followed by the medical personnel. 

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

After a stem cell therapy procedure, in which viable stem cells are processed and re-injected into the patient’s body in either intravenous or site-specific ways, the infused cells will form newly differentiated cells in the target area for up to one year besides promoting the expression of immunomodulatory molecules in the body. Although the process is an on-going healing and regeneration process, patient relief and symptom reduction can be seen within one to two weeks of reinfusion and do not take a whole year for improvement. As this is a natural repair mechanism, the stem cells enter the body and stimulate other repairing cells to be functional, thus propagating the repair exponentially. Stem cell treatment in case of arthritis or autism or MNDs is generally followed with physical and behavioral therapies, as recommended by the medical personnel for enhancement of their health conditions and social interactions.

If we consider arthritis, the conventional typical treatments for knee or elbow arthritis include pain medications like steroids, physiotherapy massage, topical pain relief ointments and gels, healthy lifestyle changes like food habits and exercises, and alternate hot & cold compresses. Although these treatments might be successful in immediate pain relief or reducing acute pain spikes for the patients, these treatment procedures do not work well long-term and do not repair the damage from its roots. Therefore, although the conventional treatments can help with treating the symptoms, they do not direct towards curing the disorder from within by repairing tissue damage.

As a next step, patients go for surgery to replace a knee or joint bones as an effective treatment for arthritis joint damage but surgeries entail several side effects like painful recovery time, infection risk, and prescription of heavy-duty pain medication after surgery. Therefore, the natural and safest treatment procedure bypassing all these complications is stem cell therapy under the guidance and supervision of experienced medical personnel.

Is Stem Cell Therapy the Right Mode of Treatment?

The clinical results of stem cell therapy using adult mesenchymal stem cells have been very promising so far in the case of patients suffering from tissue degenerative disorders like neurological disorder or musculoskeletal disorders. Stem cell treatment is not yet a mainstream treatment recommended by general doctors and clinicians. Many diseases like chronic ulcers, blood-related disorders, and serious metastatic cancers are not yet confidently put under hopeful treatment scenarios while discussing stem cell.

In the case of patients who are aware of such a procedure, they can suggest their doctors for taking up such advanced therapeutic procedures that can help in bypassing critical surgical risks for the patients. Stem cell therapy or Regenerative Medicine can help the patients in experiencing pain relief and like other pain medications but in a natural and safe way, besides repairing your ailment from the core. Consider the benefits of trying stem cell therapy for your ailments and in case of any queries or information, let us know at info@advancells.com.