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Fibromyalgia is often referred to as an “invisible” condition that can take up years to diagnose. Having constant backaches, migraines and arthritis isn’t easy to deal with. People with Fibromyalgia have heightened sensitivity to pain. This means if you pinch a person with fibromyalgia, he would feel the pain far more intensely than a normal person. Since the symptoms are complex and similar to a lot of other medical conditions, it could be misdiagnosed very easily unless ruled out. There is no single medical test to confirm Fibromyalgia. Thyroid and arthritis are two most common conditions that can be wrongly diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. It is hard for your peers to understand how living with chronic pains all the time is! People suffering from Fibromyalgia are not just dealing with the symptoms of the disease. The battle is much more complex and it comes with emotional distress and social tensions. As a result, the condition clouds your judgment and creates confusion. People with fibromyalgia keep forgetting things and have difficulty multi-tasking. This results in depression and constant fatigue. They gradually lose their self-confidence and can have disturbed sleep patterns.

Ways to Fix Fibromyalgia


Prescribed painkillers available off the shelf may not always provide pain relief to patients. Exercise too may not be very helpful as it can aggravate one’s pain if done incorrectly. One alternative to pain relief is doing regular Yoga combined with meditation. Recent studies have shown that Yoga could help soothe down pain and destress the patient. By performing certain poses, one can cope up with pain in the long run and also manage emotional stress.

Emotional Support

Concern and support of your loved ones can certainly prevent the advancement of the disease. It can circumvent depression and help in effective management of the condition. Stress certainly intensifies the pain and suffering of the individual. Having a support system can prevent additional anxiety and social pressure that add to the progression of the disease.

Stem cell therapy

Conventional treatments can provide just symptomatic relief from the condition. But the disease encompasses much more. Hence, treating the root cause of the disease becomes necessary. Considering the disease has no current cure, stem cell treatment is new hope for Fibromyalgia patients. Stem cells are the body’s healing cells that are immediately activated at the site of injury or damage to regenerate the area. They reside in body niches and migrate to the site of tissue damage to produce new cells and tissues. If there is damage to muscles, they will form new muscle mass. Stem cell treatment involves multiple injections of specialized stem cell populations. They work holistically to accelerate the process of repair and regenerative in the body. Although the treatment is still in its infancy, it is worth the try to relieve one from constant suffering. It drastically improved the quality of life of patients. The therapy is proven safe and effective in addition to being a natural treatment. Advancells has successfully treated Fibromyalgia patients and they experienced up to 80% relief from chronic pains.