Knee pain is a quite common complaint and can affect any age group. One of the obvious reasons to the same is that the knee is apparently involved in a variety of locomotory activities and hence is utilized much more. A pain associated with knee thus can drain our ability to work independently and limit some of the important tasks such as mobility, difficulty in performing day to day activities, etc.

Knees are identified to be the major weight bearing joints and are hence more prone to injury. Pain can be mainly categorized in two forms, acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is generally due to active injury; and it may lasts for couple of days. On the contrary, if a pain is continuous for more than three months, it is said to be chronic associated with permanent joint damage such as Arthritis, which has to be tackled in a different manner. Although, scientists are still trying to understand the exact mechanism of pain and how it does impact central nervous system, leading to a chronic pain; it has been emphasized that factors such as inflammation and joint damage can provoke more intense pain in arthritis. Thus, more than physical discomfort; depression as well as anxiety can as well be some of the major factors that have to be coped up!

Conventional medicines such as anti-inflammatory medications along with some common painkillers were routinely used to minimize the pain associated with arthritis. However, prolonged use of steroids can be dangerous, leading to the other side effects. Thus, some alternative approach to manage pain associated with arthritis is becoming very popular.

Relief from Arthritis and Knee Pain by Stem Cell Therapy:

Recently with scientific advancement, Stem cell therapy along with some precautionary measures specified below can be helpful in relieving a pain associated with arthritis.

  • Lose Weight: – Weight can have major influence on the degree of pain that is being experienced. It is thus very crucial to reduce weight on joints to prevent them from further fiction.
  • Exercise More: – Regular movements can help to increase flexibility in joints. Other low impact exercises can as well be prescribed such as aerobics and/or swimming, etc. to flex them up without adding further stress.
  • Hot as well as Cold Therapy: – Hot treatments such as long showers or baths, etc. especially in a chilling morning can help reduce joints stiffness and hence the pain associated with it.
  • Acupuncture: – Acupuncture involves needle insertion at different points on human body; which can certainly re-route energies to restore balance.
  • Meditation: – Medication as well as other relaxing technique may be able to relieve you from pain associated with arthritic joints.
  • Diet: -Researchers are emphasizing that inclusion of right kinds of omega 3 fatty acids along with some of the common spices, such as turmeric can minimize the pain, due to its important chemical composition.

Stem cells treatment is like a miracle for patients that can help alleviate the pain and inflammation in joints. Stem cells are very naive cells of the body, which can be differentiated to any kind of cells of any kind of origin. This remarkable ability of them has been exploited by the healthcare system to promote regeneration of different damaged tissues, which is the basis of many diseases.

Here, at Advancells stem cells treatment is offered for Arthritis, by re-infusing back patient’s own cells isolated from autologous tissues such as Bone Marrow and/or Adipose Tissue for achieving successful results. This non-surgical procedure reduces joint pain and the needs for going through painful Knee replacement surgeries that come with own side effects. Advancells has been effortlessly treating individuals overcome common arthritis and degeneration problems to achieve a better quality of life and health.