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Intramuscular Administration

Stem cell information

Intra muscular injection is infusion of stem cells directly into the muscles. It is used in particular when small amount of cells are to be administered. The procedure is through injection ensuring release of pool of stem cells directly to the affected area. Target area with ailing tissues can include knee, shoulders, hips etc. Hence the ideal site for administering the injection are Thighs, Top of upper arm, Knee, Hips.

Once the targeted muscular injection of Mesenchymal Stem Cells are given, they reach the diseased area and start the process of rejuvenation and repair. Thus the therapeutic efficacy of transplantation of Stem Cells through targeted muscular injection has been found to highly effective. Also results have indicated that when intramuscular injections are given along with a combination of more than one protocol the process is much more beneficial in promoting regeneration and functional recovery of nerves and joints.

Stem cells can be implanted in other following major ways depending on protocol. They are:

      arrow imageIntravenous Administration

      arrow imageIntrathecal Administration (Lumbar Puncture)

      arrow imageIntra-arterial Administration via catheter

      arrow image Intravitreal Infusion

      arrow imageRetrobulbar Infusion of cells

      arrow imageLiberation Angioplasty for Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI

      arrow imageIntra-Dermal Administration

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