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In today’s fast paced world and sedentary lifestyles the incidence of osteoarthritis is burgeoning. This entails that people suffering from tremendous pain in joints , cialis knees are advised knee replacement procedures. But have we ever considered how effective these procedures are? What are their side effects? How long does the replaced knee last? Besides huge cost which is associated with the surgery.

Before answering all these questions let’s consider how a Knee replacement procedure is performed. Typically, a patient is made unconscious and then the operating surgeon opens the knee from the front and amputates the bone from above and below joint. A metal prosthesis is inserted along with a plastic surface to allow easy movement. This surgery takes several hours. Furthermore, the patients have to bear with post surgery pain and have to be very careful of post surgery infections which are very common. Also it takes about few months to a year for patients to return to their daily chores and get their life back.

Some of the side effects of Knee replacements are

1) Increase in stomach ulcers

2) Increase in risk of heart attack.

3) Residual pain and disability

4) Replaced knee lasts for only 10-15 years, so if you are say 60 years old then your knee will wear out at the age of 70 years and then you will have no option left.

Now let’s consider Non-Surgical procedures – Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cells are very naive cells of the body, which can be differentiated to any kind of cells of any kind of origin. This ability makes them unique and capable of repair and regeneration. And thisremarkable ability of them has been exploited by the healthcare system to promote regeneration of different damaged tissues, which is the basis of many diseases. Stem cells are extracted mainly from two sources Bone marrow/Adipose tissue. After extraction they are processed in the lab along with some growth factors and then re- injected in the body. The whole procedure takes approximately 5-6 hours and the patient can go back the same day. Once the regenerated cells are injected they start the natural healing process and the patient feels better within a few weeks of treatment. The side effects of this treatment are none as it works towards alleviating the pain and not giving more pain which generally happens after surgery. Advancells has been treating individuals overcome common arthritis and degeneration problems to achieve a better quality of life and health.