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One in 59 children worldwide is diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. As for autism causes, besides being dependent on family history and genetic discrepancies, certain medical conditions such as fragile X syndrome or Rett syndrome can also be autism risk factors. While some autistic children show early signs of autism, others may develop signs of autism after the first few years of birth. The common signs of autistic behavior generally include: repeating certain behaviors or activities, reduced eye contact, lack of response upon being called, and lack of behavior analysis. If your children show any autism symptoms, doctors generally refer the parents and caregivers to specialists who are experienced in helping children with autism spectrum disorder, such as a child psychiatrist or pediatric neurologist, for autism treatment.

If your child falls under the autism spectrum, making a proper diagnosis may be difficult. Moreover, there are different forms of disorders that fall under the autism spectrum disorder, like Asperger syndrome. These points can help you to determine autism disorder:

* Observe your child’s social interactions, communication skills, and behavior development.
* Give your child small tests on hearing, speech, social and behavioral issues.
* Use the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), of the American Psychiatric Association.
* Recommend genetic testing for autistic children to identify genetic disorders.

what are treatments for autism spectrum disorder?

There is no ONE cure for autism spectrum disorder, and neither is a one-size-fits-all autism treatment available. The goal of best autism treatment should be to maximize the child’s ability to function by supporting development, communication, and learning. Early autism intervention can help children in learning critical social, communication, functional and behavioral skills.

The range of multimodal autism treatment can be described as:

Behavior and communication therapies: Behavior and communication therapies for autism treatment address a wide range of social, language, and behavioral difficulties. Some programs focus on reducing aggressive behaviors while other programs focus on teaching children how to communicate and act in social situations. Children with autism spectrum disorder are often suggested highly structured educational programs for better social interactions.

Other rehabilitation therapies: Depending on the child’s needs, physiotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are also suggested along with speech and language therapy.

Medications: Medications cannot improve autism spectrum disorder but specific medications like antipsychotic drugs are used to treat severe behavioral problems while antidepressants may be prescribed for anxiety.

Alternative Therapies: Stem cell therapy for autism spectrum disorder has become recently popular owing to its potential in regeneration and rejuvenation of damaged neural tissue. Many parents have reported the benefits of stem cell therapy although it is an experimental therapy. Stem cell therapy for autism has resulted in reducing aggressive behavior in children while regenerative rehabilitation therapies like physiotherapy and speech therapy help in enhancing the improvement of the autism condition.

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