Cardiomyopathy is characterized with atrophy of the heart muscles; directly affecting its pumping efficiency. Due to damaged or weak muscles, the heart is unable to contract and pump oxygenated blood to different organs of the body. It is a progressive ailment, ignorance to which can lead to failure of the heart. The cardiomyopathies can further be categorized into dilated, hypertrophic and restrictive cardiomyopathy.

Stem Cell Therapy could be used to improve cardiomyopathy and the steps involved are:

  1. Checking if the person is qualified for a treatment or not.
  2. Extraction of stem cells from sources mostly from bone marrow or adipose tissues
  3. Processing of the stem cells in the laboratory
  4. Implantation of the stem cells into the patient


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"Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  "click here"



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