Fibromyalgia is a condition that includes musculoskeletal pain including fatigue, sleep, memory, mood disorders. There are mostly elder people affected by this disease. There are better prognosis for patients because of multifaceted treatment. It’s the responsibility of doctor to better diagnosis of the fibromyalgia treatment but fibromyalgia is regularly misunderstood. There are complications to diagnose fibromyalgia. The history of the diagnosis of fibromyalgia reveals depression, inflammatory arthritis, chronic myofascial pain, chronic fatigue syndrome. The tests includes Complete blood count (CBC).

People can not assess fibromyalgia because it is psychological stress, physical stress, injury or illness. Regenerative treatment focusing on the treatment of fibromyalgia. Multistage therapeutic injections of CD34+ enriched mesenchymal stem cells are helpful for the patients. Stem cells take advantage of the fact that could help repair the damaged tissue. Overall fibromyalgia is a lifestyle disorder by treating up an unhealthy diet and modification changes. Associated people need to help the patient about good health and a good lifestyle. People need to have rehabilitation and psychological activities which can relieve the pain and psycho motor management. They need to have a conversation with the diseased people to encourage to get relieves the pain. Therapy includes getting the disease are physical, occupational therapy and counseling. Alternative medicine includes the massage, yoga and taichi. The quality of life depends on the better treatment of the disease status. Certain parameters describe the disease. Stem cell therapy describes the better disease treatment and has fewer side effects and harm. The cells differentiated into many cells. There is no harm to the treatment. The procedure is quick and simple. There are the procedure for the implementation of therapy i.e. Harvesting, separation, activation and implantation. After that, the patient will be discharged. In some days to months, the results are showing proven the efficacy. The stem cell therapy is making complications to uncomplicating. The cost to the whole process is manageable and showing results to prove the efficacy. Hence the stem cell therapy is the benchmark to the regenerative medicine.

The patient was suffered from Fibromyalgia Disease Treatment in India a drastic condition. Had chronic muscle pain, tightness fatigue and decreased energyInsomniaStiffness upon waking or after staying in one position for too longdifficulty remembering tasks.

I was too depressed about my life, muscle pain after exercise, feeling of swelling in the hands and feet. Then I got news about Advancells. Advancells is one of best stem cell therapy center in India. I was fit for physical examination so they allow me enrolls in Advancells therapy.

Furthermore, lipoaspirates obtain from my lower abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue. The stromal vascular fraction separate from the lipoaspirates by centrifugation after treatment with collagenase. Stem cells transplanted by subcutaneous injection.

Now I am capable of making decisions, feeling good, relieving pain and recovered from depression. Advancells keep my hope allived. I have treated stem cell therapy procedure which was safe, effective and desirable. I am very happy after the treatment.

Thank you Advancells for curing and advances my life.