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Have you been inflicted by a sports injury that isn’t responding to conventional treatments?If yes, then you should consider opting for stem cell therapy. Sports injuries can often take forever to heal and could be extremely painful as well. Majority of the Sports injuries occur due to playing Rugby, soccer, football and these are also the leading causes of hospitalization in Australia. The statistics of sport injury incidences are baffling and on rise more than ever. In earlier times, resuming back to a sport after an injury would often take up years and would force the players to take early retirements. Now, with regenerative medicine, it is possible for players to return back to the sport they love fitter and stronger. Stem cells significantly repair torn tendons, ligaments and cartilage by reducing inflammation and pain. They migrate to the site of injury and also stimulate the immune system to accelerate healing. Since they have potential to generate new tissues, they will differentiate into cartilage, tendons and other soft and hard tissues that have been injured. Stem cell therapy can help athletes and sportspersons return back to the sport they love back by accelerating their recovery time.

Top Sports Injuries in Australia:

  1. Fractures

Fractures are the most common sports injury in Australia caused by breaking a bone. Fractures occur in leg and arm joints Most fractures heal on their own.

  1. Knee injuries

One of the most common knee injuries is the Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Did you know Australia has the highest rates of occurrence of ACL injuries in the world? ACL injuries require reconstructive surgery and prolonged rehabilitation periods. Knee is the most commonly injured body part and

  1. Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue refers to the connective tissues surrounding the organs such as muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. This can be in form of a sprain, strain, bruise or overuse of muscles. A previous injury would substantially increase the risk of another injury which is why it is recommended to refrain from sports until full recovery has taken place.

  1. Ankle injury

An ankle injury occurs in sports requiring a wide range of movement of legs such as when playing football, basketball, jumping, etc. While personal reasons like not warming up before playing or poor footwear could lead to injury, it can also be caused by poor surface of the playing field

  1. Head injury

Head injuries are extremely dangerous and lead to concussions or unconsciousness. American rules football and Rugby are sports that are leading causes that can result in life-threatening consequences.

Physical activities and sports are extremely crucial for our health and there shouldn’t be a reason to refrain due to fear of an injury. If you are on a lookout for economical solution to a severe injury, then Advancells, an Indian based company should be your stop for Stem Cell Therapy. It is a very popular choice among Australians and has changed the lives of many players for good.