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Indian festivals are known for their strong bond with the sweets. Yes, every other festival in our country is incomplete without desserts. With the variety of sweets, here all festivals are garnished with delicious flavors. Diwali, one of the most beautiful celebrations in India, not only brightens the city with candles and lights but also sweetens every street with the handful of tasty sweets. When everybody is enjoying this food-rich festival, a diabetic patient has to take utmost care of their diet.

Well, it’s quite uneasy to ignore such food items and sweets because of the fear pinch in their blood sugar levels. So let’s delve into the tips which are worth saving you from this depression and enjoy this Diwali to the fullest.

# Prepare for the day

As Diwali preparations get started before a week or more, you can also get ready to start eating food with low or minimum calories so that your body can easily digest that piece of extra sugar that you are unable to avoid on the day.

# Blood Sugar Test

It is advised to get your blood tested before and after Diwali because once you become aware of your blood sugar level, it will help you to decide how much calories you can intake and you can also control it before time. A little exercise will be great altogether! 

# Count the Calories

If you already know the amount of calorie you are going to intake, this will keep you free from any confusion regarding your sugar level.  Although your sugar- free sweets have a less dose of sugar, do not overboard!!

Consult your doctor about how much artificial sweetener should be fine for you. 

# Follow your daily Diabetic Routine

4ws of Diabetic patients that are; what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat,  and what to avoid, should be specially taken care of during the festival season. As per diabetic diet rule book, anything that contains refined flour and sugar should be religiously avoided.

For a better health, doctors suggest to follow cardinal rules of the diet is essential. Give importance to the nutritional information of packaged food because that can actually alter your sugar level. 

# Prefer Home-made delicacy

Making sweets at home is not a cup of tea, it is actually a tough grind and takes a lot of time, but no doubt that it will only save you from a future headache.

Eating sweets from the shop can turn your sugar level at the peak.

This Diwali, do not compromise with your health and cook for your own good.

In fact, some doctors say that eat baked foods rather than deep fried foods. Deck yourself with delicious food recipes from the internet and get started to make sweets on your own.

Calorie Chart of Few sweets you love to eat

# Exercise!!

You might end up sitting on your sofa the whole day talking to your loved ones, which can result in increasing blood sugar level. Along with incorporating daily activities, add some exercises in your schedule for the day.

Physical exercises will help to keep your blood glucose in check by reducing calories so that you can enjoy eating a piece more.

Take the advantage of the occasion and dance on the tunes of celebration, this will not only help you to burn off the calories but will also keep you happy.

# Enjoy

Beyond taking special care of you, don’t forget that Diwali is the name of fun and enjoyment. Take care of your smile the most.  Your mind should not be tired of thinking that you are sick, live the fullest.

Let me know the endless reasons to stay happy and healthy!!