Kenny Potts, 24 years, Spinal Cord Injury

Home: California, USA

Note from advancell: Please be sure to read down to the recent update (18/03/2012) from Kenny's mother, Tammy!

My name is Kenny Potts. I am 24 years old. I was 22 years old when I broke my neck riding my dirt bike at a local track in Perris, California. I reside in Riverside, California (USA). By trade, I am a Carpenter working for Panelize Structures out of Chino, Ca. I was a member of the Carpenters Union Local 944. I rode my dirt bike to relieve stress and for fun. My favorite times were spent hanging out with my friends at the lake; camping, riding my bike and dirt bike. I have spent most of my life enjoying outdoor sports and activities. That is how my accident came to be.

On July 24th, 2008, I went to a local track to ride and meet up with a few friends. It was a nice summer evening. Just after arriving and riding 1 lap around the track, I was getting ready to perform a routine jump when my front tire hit a rut and planted, flipping me over my handle bars and crashing right onto my head. Right away, my instinct was to stand and I remember standing, but was then told not to move and was forced back down to the ground where the paramedics came and assessed my injuries. I had no real damage to my body other than a broken C5 and fractures in my C4&6. You couldn't even tell that I had broken my neck; I had no facial damage, cuts or burses. I was then transported by ambulance to a local Trauma Hospital, where after a few hours, they told my parents that I had a broken neck and that I would never eat, breath, walk or hold anything on my own. My mom had told me not to believe what the doctors said, because they were not god - just doctors and that everything would be okay. We just needed to find the right path to follow.

I was hospitalized for 1 week at the local trauma hospital, where they performed surgery on my C5 injury. The surgeon used part of my own hip bone to fix my injury, but then the hospital decided they needed to trache me so I could breathe, and then they decided that I would not be able to eat on my own for months, so they surgically implanted a feeding tube into my side. I ended up having pneumonia after being transferred to a hospital sponsored by our medical insurance company. There I spent another 3 weeks, before being placed in their inpatient rehabilitation center. The doctors there also told me and my parents the same news, quadriplegic; never going to stand, or walk on my own, but I might regain a little use of my hands. Just like that, my mom said the same thing, "they are just doctors. We will find the right path, and look into stem cell treatment."

Well the rehabilitation didn't really make me progress very much. I was sore and in pain more often than not, but it was part of a required process from my insurance. My whole body was weak and tired, but I did have very strong muscle spasms. They were so strong that they would kick me out of bed. We were told that the spasms were not good. The doctors recommended that I take some pills to deaden the nerves but I didn't. We knew that the spasms had to mean something good. After a lot of research, my mom found the link to the clinic. Was this the path we were supposed to take? I was tired of being weak and wanted to start being more independent. My body knew that I wanted to heal, but my brain had a hard time being convinced that I could recover from my injury. I had already been experiencing sensations in my lower body; pins and needle feelings in my legs, tingling in my back and legs, and pains in my knees. I was having the shakes throughout my body. My legs would start twitching for no reason, but my doctors told me that it was just a result of the injury and not to think it was a good sign for recovering. Tired of my doctors' negative feedback, we decided to fill out the application and give adult stem cell a try.

After I was approved by the center, I was asked to gather all of my medical information from the injury. It was not hard to do. I submitted my documents, obtained my passport and my parents made all the transportation and hotel arrangements for my treatment. Excited and scared at the same time. 2 months later (October 24, 2009) we were flying to the center for treatment. I had improved a little prior to treatment, but was given hope with all the symptoms I was having. The first thing my parents noticed after the treatment was my skin coloring improved. My mom never told me that my skin had a grayish look to it, but it did and almost immediately after the cells were placed into my spinal canal, my natural color returned. That was not the only immediately improvement - I was hungry. I could feel my stomach being hungry. After a while, my mom would notice me saying that my bum hurt, my back hurt, my legs are cold (and they were), my legs were hot (and they were). I could feel the warmth of the sun on my body. I could feel sensations of needing to use the restroom. My spasms were getting stronger and harder (a good thing, the center had warned me about that happening). I was feeling like my spine was finely healing. After a few months, I returned to physical therapy. I had given my therapist the recommended treatments that the center had given me, but my therapists were limited on my treatment time and were unable to meet all of my needs. I continued to improve. Then we made the decision to hire a personal trainer. She comes to our house and uses the recommended therapies that the center had given me. We train 4 days a week. My strength has improved in my hands, legs and torso. I am able to stand with assistance in my standing frame for up to 1 hour at a time. My back muscles are returning as well as my stomach muscles. It has taken a lot of hard work, and without the treatment I don't think I would be in the place I am right now. My trainer charts all of my exercises, and improvements. She is excited to hear that we will be traveling to the center for an additional treatment. There is nothing I want more than to be able to have total use of my hands and legs. I know that with a second treatment I will be on the right path to full recovery.

Just to share with others this has been the best opportunity I could have ever had to help heal my spine. I know that the center is very supportive at seeing their patients achieve the most out of stem cell treatment as possible. The staffs at the clinic are very supportive, are very professional and have been very helpful to myself and family. The doctors are informative and the procedure is quick and almost pain free. The center assisted us with all needs, travel, transportation and hotel information. The people were always so kind, especially when we mentioned that we were there for medical treatment at the center. We were always happy with the service we received, everybody wanted to make sure that we had all we needed. As a strong believer and stem cell patient, I would recommend this treatment to others who are suffering from an injury or debilitating disease. There is nothing like healing your own body from within, and thanks to the clinic, I have been given the opportunity to heal and take the steps needed to walk again.

Always grateful,

Kenny Potts / Tammy Potts

Update on Kenny Potts SCI patient from the USA12/15/10


I am proud to write this update about our son Kenny Potts, age 24 years old. Well, it's been over 1 year since Kenny's stem cell treatment and he continues to regain muscle memory, strength and more sensations. At this time Kenny is working with a personal trainer who has geared his work outs to Kenny's abilities. Well, at Kenny's last measurements of muscle mass, he continues to prove that he is gaining muscle mass in areas that we were told by our USA doctors that would never happen. We own those changes to the stem cell treatment and dedicated training.

Kenny uses a "Total Gym" as his main piece of exercise equipment, but also works out using an exercise ball, electric bike and a standing frame. He works out 3-4 days per week with his trainer. She has followed all of the recommended therapies that we were given by the center. They work!!!!! Kenny continues to regain strength in his back, shoulder arms and legs. Well, truly his legs have been very strong and stubborn, especially when they want to stretch. We were told by our USA doctors that it's not good to have spasms, but we have found out that it is good. When we apply pressure to certain parts of Kenny's body below the injury he can feel it... It's amazing! I can rub his feet and he can feel me rubbing his feet. If his lower back hurts in a certain area, I can push down on is back and he can tell me if I am hitting the right area or not. Although Kenny does not have complete use of both hands, he has regained strength in his grip and has a pretty strong punch. We are aware that another treatment is vital for Kenny to continue on his path for a full recovery and to regain use of his hands. Kenny wants to swing a hammer, climb a ladder and get the heck out of our house! And that's just what we want for him.

Through Kenny's injury, I have become very passionate in helping others with spinal cord injuries. I know that the stem cell treatment that Kenny received has helped him realize that he will walk again. It just takes time to work through healing the spine and overcoming all of the challenges that the injury has caused. The numbness is gradually going away with every exercise he does. The pain of working out and the kinks in the body can be harsh, but it is well worth it, especially when you see Kenny do things that he had done before. It brings tears to our eye. Then we have to snap out of it because Kenny does not want that kind of sympathy. He is very strong willed and thinks very "highly" of the doctors' treatment. As a family, we can't thank the clinic enough for allowing us to share Kenny's treatment and recovery with others.

Attached is a photo of Kenny standing in his standing frame on 9/27/10. On this day, his friend and trainer assisted him standing. If you look really hard, you will notice that his spinal muscles are returning, along with his calves which are regaining proper muscle definition. His arms look good as well. That was 2 ½ months ago. Now his back has more definition, his legs look a lot better and his arms are much stronger.

Kenny can't wait for the day to return for his second treatment. He knows that his second treatment is the "key" to recovering fully. By the way, Kenny had a couple of prior injuries that he didn't let heal properly and since the treatment he knows that they have healed properly now.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about the treatment. There are many young Americans and people around the world who are benefiting from advancell stem cell process. It has made a world of difference in our son's recovery. And hopefully, in a few months I can update his profile talking about his second treatment and the progress he continues to make.

Thank you for making a difference in our family's life.


Tammy Potts

Following Story Reposted - January, 2010

Hello I would like to share some information about Stem Cell Treatment that uses Adult Stem Cells. Our son Kenny injured his spinal cord on July 24, 2008. Kenny rode his motorcycle as a stress reliever and to just have fun. Kenny was riding at a local track and went over a small jump and fell over his handle bars breaking his C-5, and fracturing his C-4 & 6.

Kenny's initial diagnosis was total paralysis from the chest down, we were told that he would never be able to eat, drink or breathe on his own. Well as a mom I never took that diagnosis seriously.

After months of therapy and rehabilitation we decided to look into Stem Cell Therapy. I found a center in Germany that uses your own "Adult Stem Cells", which are better for your body and recovery because they are not foreign and they know were to go and what to heal once they are re-entered into the body. After researching the center and the treatment we applied and submitted an application to receive treatment for our son Kenny.

Kenny was approved for treatment, so we scheduled and planned our trip to Germany. Kenny received his treatment on October 28, 2009. The procedure is on an outpatient basis, it quick and pretty much pain free. This procedure is many years ahead of American medicine, our doctors at Kaiser have told us, and we have seen positive results.

Kenny is now gaining strength, weight, muscle, more hand & trunk control. Although Kenny isn't fully independent we are still hopeful for a full recovery. We have begun to follow the therapy treatments that were given to us at the center, it seems to be working. We are planning to return for another treatment hopefully sometime this year.

We are very happy with Kenny's results we would love to see other riders receive the treatment and gain more results during their rehabilition. Time line of the injury is not limited. The center treats patients with all types of injuries and many years after the injury has happened.

The name of the center is called advancell. The cost for the treatment runs around 12,000 US dollars. We spent under $20,000 for 3 of us including hotel, airfare, transportation and treatment.

I have been given approval to refer new patients to advancell. If you are interested please email or contact me with a reply and I will submit your name to the center. I will be happy to answer any questions.

By me submitting your name the center will know that the injury was related to a motorcycle/ATV accident. They are interested in recoveries that come from this type accident. This will also help further their research on SCI motorcycle accidents.

Blessings to all,

Tammy Potts

Update on Kenny Potts SCI patient from the USA18/03/12

stem cell treatment for spinal cord

stem cell treatment for spinal cord


Kenny continues to improve and is just excited about attend rehabilitation. He is training at Nextstep Fitness in California USA, where everyone is a former athlete and in a wheel chair.

I will continue to provide pictures and updates for your website of Kenny's progress. I will also continue to promote "advancell", as if it wasn't for your research and therapies we believe that Kenny wouldn't be this far in his progress.

Thank you for everything,

Tammy Potts

Update on Kenny Potts SCI patient from the USA09/09/12

I just wanted to update you on Kenny. He continues to progress and regain more muscles and strength. He has more feelings in both legs and more sensations in his fingers. We have started a Facebook Page, it is titled "Finish Strong Kenny Potts". We have posted a few video's and pictures of him working out at NextStep Fitness. I would like to invite you to post them on your website.

Watch Kenny Pott's videos

As you will see in the videos he is regaining more control in his torso and in his arms, which are not so limp. He attends training 3 days a week. We are convinced along with his doctor that both the stem cell treatment and proper physical training Kenny will continue to thrive.*


Tammy Potts

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