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Cancer stem cells: GITAM research in advanced stage

Date (2016-12-05)

The Department of Biotechnology, GITAM University, has reached an advanced stage in cancer stem cells research.

According to R. Satyanarayana, Associate Professor from the department, a team is actively working on cancer stem cells and they have made progress in identifying several key markers in prostate cancer stem cell.

Giving the details, he said cancer arises from the uncontrolled growth and division of cells, and is caused by the cooperation of mutations in DNA. The most important property of stem cells is that of self-renewal and differentiation. Adult stem cells have been used for decades to treat certain cancers through bone marrow transplants. As per our research and the therapy, the stem cells that give rise to the different blood cells in the body are transplanted into the bone marrow of the patient, where they regenerate the blood.

He further added that the present research work shows the occurrence of cancer stem cells in prostate cancer tissues. Several markers for prostate cancer stem cells were identified. The expression profile of prostate cancer stem cell markers was further evaluated. The mechanisms of prostate cancer stem cells adhesion and differentiation were studied. Research Forum convener S. Ganapaty was present.


Source : thehindu