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Stem cell therapy a new hope for mentally challenged

Date (2016-12-15)

VADODARA: Till six months ago, she could hardly sit still for few moments. This 13-year-old girl from Bharuch used to often bite herself and her parents had little hope that their mentally ill daughter would be cured.

But the girl is now able to focus on tasks given to her and has stopped biting herself. Thanks the stem cell therapy, the girl has got a new lease of life.

Mumbai-based Dr Alok Sharma has treated over 4,500 patients of autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and paralysis at his institute.

"Stem cell therapy can treat children and grown-ups suffering from several medical conditions. It's a safe therapy with no side-effects. We have improved condition of many patients since 2008 when I started this institute in Mumbai," Sharma told TOI.

He is now planning to start a similar full-fledged institute in the city that will be his first outside Mumbai.

When asked why he wants to start his institute in Gujarat, Sharma said, "We get hundreds of patients from Gujarat, especially from Rajkot region where the prevalence of muscular dystrophy is high. Vadodara is an ideal place as it has good connectivity and quality infrastructure. We aim to start the institute by March 2017."

Explaining about stem cell therapy, Sharma said the bone marrow that makes blood has crores of stem cells.

These cells are removed from the bone marrow and put in the patient's lower back through injection. "These cells travel all the way to the brain and help in recovery of the patient," added Sharma who has done years of research on stem cell therapy.

Hasmukh Shah, a city-based hotelier whose six-year-old grandson is suffering from cerebral palsy, is helping Sharma in setting up the institute here. "I am helping them by providing logistics and find a suitable location as I understand pain of the people who are suffering from such medical condition," Shah said.


Source : imesofindia.indiatimes