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Liberation Angioplasty

Stem cell information

CCSVI Treatment Step 1 - Liberation Angioplasty

Liberation Angioplasty is a very critical process. X-ray scanning is used to guide the catheter with the balloon tip to the affected area or veins. Once it reaches the targeted area, the tip expands resulting in the widening of the stenotic area. The entire process takes around 90 minutes. Then the patients are kept in recovery room for around 4 hours to ensure that there is no bleeding from the catheter insertion tract.

CCSVI Treatment Step 2 - Insertion of Stem Cells

After the first step of liberation angioplasty the blood flows with ease through the stenotic veins. This is essential in order to determine the effective potential of the stem cells introduced to transform into specialized cells necessary for regeneration or repair of damaged tissue of the brain or the spinal cord. This procedure can also reduce the inflammation throughout the body. Many of the patients have reported that the recovery is extremely fast after this treatment.

Stem cells can be implanted in following major ways. They are:

      arrow imageIntravenous Administration

      arrow imageIntrathecal Administration (Lumbar Puncture)

      arrow imageIntramuscular Administration

      arrow imageIntra-arterial Administration via catheter

      arrow image Intravitreal Infusion

      arrow imageRetrobulbar Infusion of cells

      arrow imageIntra-Dermal Administration

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