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Today was the chilling winter morning of Delhi, see my 6:30 AM alarm was ringing as usual. I tried to reach out for my phone, medical snoozed it for another 10 minutes; maybe I was being greedy for that 10 minutes sleep! I just turned over, felt slight vibration in my left arm! I tried to look at it, just to confirm whether it is just my feeling or it was actually shaking, but I couldn’t open my eyes. I was in deep sleep mentally, tired, trying to get up but my mind was telling me to sleep for a while. Suddenly stiffness in my right leg took my attention. I tried to stretch my legs, but at the same time, all the muscles in my legs began to pull and my toes started curling felt like a leg cramp; which was both painful as well as irritating.

“Good Morning Mumma, what’s the time? Am I not going to school today?”

That was my elder daughter sleeping next to me, trying to cuddle with me for a moment while I was trying to break my overnight blackout!

This is how, every day of my life starts; as a Mom of two daughters and as a woman suffering from Parkinson’s since last one year. But still I have not let it slow down! I get up at my usual time in the morning, make coffee for me and my husband, fix up the breakfast for my children, pack our lunch, pack their school bags, check whether they have finished their homework or not and rush out with the kids to catch their school buses. Although my whole day gets over in office, in the evening I make it a point to do stretching and some sorts of exercises as suggested by my doctor; as that makes me less grumpy and stiff.

One year ago, when my Parkinson’s symptoms were just started, I couldn’t have dreamed that this would be my life. Today, I am in complete denial that I am suffering with the progressive neurological disorder, Parkinson’s disease. Thanks to the stem cell treatment!

I was in complete trauma, when my Parkinson’s was detected. My doctor consoled me and offered me a possibility of stem cell treatment. For instance, I couldn’t make any decisions; my mind was full of questions like; should I rely on a completely new technology?  Am I being guinea pig over here? Is it worth spending money in this sort of a treatment?  Although, being from the science background, I decided to read literature and started collecting information about what exactly stem cells are, how can they be beneficial to me, etc.

Stem cells, what I could understand are the original cells of our body like roots of the plant, which can multiply rapidly during the human development to give rise to various cells; required for structural and functional integrity of an organ. These cells are present inside each of our organs, as their rapid force to fix up routine problems of wear and tear of the organs. In the crisis, an additional supply of stem cells is required to cope up with the increasing demand. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, the brain cell neurons are damaged progressively due to lesser production of hormone dopamine. Dopamine is an important chemical in controlling movement in the human. After thorough understanding about the pros and cons of the treatment, I decided to opt for the same as I didn’t have any choice. There were no other treatments available and the only choice in front of me is to go for it.

And this is where I am today, right in front of you; a struggling albeit happy mom and wife, trying to fight with the situation by being strong, taking pride in small accomplishments and enjoying being a “Supermom” for my family. All I can say that, if you take the right decisions on right time, you will never going to repent.