Being a Spondylitis awareness month, we have dedicated this amazing April to bring some wonderful awareness to those, who are suffering from this debilitating disease.

One of the best ways to tackle your supposedly incurable autoimmune diseases is the complete empowerment of your mind, which is possible only when you stop believing what other people have to say about the disease you are suffering from. As a matter of fact, Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic autoimmune disorder with a similar pattern of symptoms rivalling several chronic illnesses; it is thus almost tricky to diagnose and equally challenging to live with the condition.

Many of you might have experienced this confirming it to be true by facing difficulties to manage with it on an everyday basis. Many times, you might have listened to the comments such as this is the disease; you will die with but not from!!!! But there is a lot, beyond the pain, frustration and struggle. It is just that your body needs an extra care and attention with knowledge, willpower and confidence.

There are many people, who are in constant worries about what to eat and what not to! In this regard, this current issue can be dedicated to people who wish to eat healthy yet a delicious food in order to secrete higher concentration of their happy hormones to relax their mental frustrations.

Recently, customized diets for all kinds of bone disorders are trending very rapidly; however, none of these claims till now has been backed up by clinical studies. It has also been believed that some food can provoke certain changes in the symptoms; good or bad, which might be true to some extent as the secretion of feel-good hormones can make the impact on the condition.

Some obvious guidelines if followed correctly, it can definitely be beneficial to overall health improvement.

  • The known fact is that both calcium and alcohol can severely affect the bone density. On the contrary, people with Spondylitis are at higher risk of osteoporosis due to noxious thinning of the bones. It has also been ascertained that alcohol can decline the bone thickness. Thus, following a diet with an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D such as sea water fishes, dairy products, soy products, oranges, etc. can help to maintain the bone density to a healthy level.
  • It is advised that people on a low carb diet have experienced reduced flare-ups. Although, more and more studies have to be carried out in the same regards; evidence based on the patient’s reports have suggested that limiting the food such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and pastries can manage the painful attacks. The low starch diet should include fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products.
  • Some general guidelines such as choosing smaller portion size, drinking plenty of water and binging on sweets just occasionally have always been advantageous to maintain a weight and hence reducing the pressure on the spine.
  • However, some extreme fad diets should always be avoided as they can worsen the conditions instead of doing any good!
  • The daily meal should contain 4 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruits as they are rich in phytochemicals that can act as antioxidants, taking care of toxic free radicals.

Thus, as a general thumb rule a person with Ankylosing Spondylitis, should eat a right amount of wide range of food to keep it going.