In late 2014, case my uncle was diagnosed with the liver disease.  We didn’t know it at the time, generic but the liver cirrhosis was considered as one of those deadly, sick incurable diseases which progresses with time; and the patient has to live the rest of his life in a severe pain. At that crucial point of time, we all family members were totally terrified and confused.  Terrified because we couldn’t find out a solution and scared because of the consequences he might have to face for the rest of his life. No one ever had idea, about what was about to happen to him.

With the progression of time, his symptoms also increased such as ascites, diarrhoea, portal hypertension, etc.  Every new day, would bring yet another new trouble; sometimes he had to face severe stomach pain or sometimes insomnia, bloated feeling; if he was lucky enough. His appetite was almost gone due to the awfully, horrible vomiting sensation. Day by day, he was losing weight to the extent that nothing could be possible for him without a wheel chair. Doctors had declared that the liver transplant was the only available option, which could keep him going. However, finding a suitable organ was like finding a needle in a haystack! A month after months were passing and he had become a living skeleton due to excessive weight loss.

However, on one fine day, we could see a specialist who was an expert in a regenerative medicine. We could obtain lot of data and success stories about the patients; who have been treated by stem cells for their liver condition. Since there was no other option, we had our first appointment for stem cell transplant.  My uncle had cleared all his doubts about the treatment. Very next day, he had been advised some medical tests. My uncle was freaking, for him life has suddenly changed upside down!

After the medical tests, and through review of reports, he had been asked to undergo autologous stem cell transplant from bone marrow and adipose tissue for his progressive disorder. The stem cells were isolated by the application of a local anaesthesia, and transferred to the place; called as clean room in scientific term. As per my enquiry, in the clean room, all the fresh cells were concentrated by minimizing volume to the extent that it can be injected safely.

It’s been almost eight months now after his first stem cell treatment, and his ascites is considerably controlled, his appetite has increased without that awful sensation. I feel now, with passing time, things are getting better. He could get control over his emotions, mood swings, urine and stool. I feel slowly, steadily my uncle is getting back to the life.