Suddenly, buy if you are experiencing a blurry vision or a blind spot at the centre of your vision, discount you might be heading towards a progressive eye disorder macular degeneration! Age related macular degeneration is the common eye discomfort, buy cialis affecting more than half of the people as they grow. However, one should not ignore the fact that, when it’s the matter of one’s eye, the proactive care is the best alternative. Although the problem is, there are lot of remedies and tips that are hanging around on an internet, which may not be the suitable option for your growing disease. Additionally, not all the eye problems warrant surgery now days. On the contrary, in this era of regenerative medicine, the common eye disorders like macular degeneration can be resolved by stem cell treatment. Yes, age related macular degeneration, in spite of being chronic, non treatable disease can be cured with the application of stem cell therapy. The macula, which is the central, yellowish pigmented structure of the retina, is responsible for our detailed vision. It is made of many photoreceptor cells of which rods and cones are the two preliminary cells. These cells generate nerve impulses, which are sent to the brain to distinguish coloured images from the black and white one. The brain ultimately process the information and provides us a full three dimensional image. Over the period of time, due to dryness, itching or age; these photoreceptor cells degenerate, causing loss of site. Progressively the damage of photoreceptor cells increases and so is the site is lost. The human stem cells are the mother cells, isolated from as early as fetal stage. These cells are capable of differentiating into cells of different lineages and have the potential to develop an entire human being outside the mother’s womb!  We have stored quota of stem cells in different organs, to be utilized at the crucial time. Due to excessive research and loads of piled up data, it is now possible to isolate your own stem cells to treat the disease you may be suffering. Since your own cells are used, they are well memorized by your immune system and hence are easily accepted by your body, eliminating the chances of opportunistic infections. In this regard, stem cells isolated from bone marrow have shown tremendous improvement; being the most potent and abundant source, in the patients suffering from age related macular degeneration. With the modern techniques, these cells are isolated and concentrated in the clean environment outside the human body, to inject back into the eyes. Once inside, they are known to be differentiating into the photoreceptor cells, which are damaged. These newly formed cells then restore the function and improve the vision. It is also possible to boost up the process by providing mesenchymal stem cells isolated from your own adipose i.e. fat tissue. These cells can help in creating paracrine effect to initialize migration of stem cells which are resident of other functional organs. Thus, although stem cells research is still ongoing, it has shown great potential in treating deadly diseases, for which the current medical fraternity has no answer.