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Regenerative Therapies For Male Infertility Issues

Although, the root cause of concern related to male infertility issues often remain a mystery; but the research in regenerative medicine has displayed great potential in developing sperms in a dish, further hoping it could one day be implemented in routine practice.

Today, 1 out of 8 couples in the developed countries like US, India are facing issues in conception. Moreover, about half of these issues are being attributed to semen abnormalities in the male partner. Earlier things were not clear as to how sperm cells are being developed or how their motility affects the process of fertilization etc. There has been a lot of hodgepodge in understanding how these issues can be rectified; and the key developmental transitions in them.

These challenges although can now be overcome with the launch of advanced techniques that has to date made available a complete catalogue of all the cells involved in functional aspects of testis. This new insight has helped us to identified new sources of adult stem cells that are helpful in sperm development.

Some of the commonly associated problems within this branch of medical sciences are:


Azoospermia is defined as the absence/reduced no of sperms in the ejaculate. It has been considered as the most challenging issue associated with male infertility treatment. Azoospermia can be classified in three categories: pre-testicular (related to endocrine diseases), testicular (abnormal testis, atrophic or absent) and post-testicular (failure in ejaculation such as obstruction in reproductive ducts). Non-obstructive azoospermia is caused by testis failure in producing sperm. Azoospermia affects about 1% of the male population and could be a cause for up to 20% of male infertility.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is mainly characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis for a longer span, which can ultimately lead to Impotence. Although not life-threatening by itself, ED is a strong predictor of high mortality diseases such as coronary artery diseases, cardiovascular diseases.
While the majority of the Erectile Dysfunction patients is treated with currently available medications, approximately 70% remain unresponsive to it. Apart from this, all treatment options can treat only symptoms and not the underlying causes. But the research efforts for stem cell treatments have laid a foundation towards finding a long-term solution that can reverse the pathogenesis of Erectile Dysfunction and thereby restore the patient’s ability to achieve a natural erection.


Oligospermia is a male infertility issue characterized by a low sperm count. Although it should be noted that with the condition as well, other aspects of sexual health of male remains atypical, which may include the ability to get and maintain erection, produce ejaculation at orgasm, etc.

The condition is highly dependent upon the sperm count, which is a variable factor; although, as per WHO classification, anything below 15 million sperms per ml ( mL) is considered as critical and is diagnosed as oligospermia.

It is interesting to understand that some men with the condition can still be able to be fertile; although, fertilization can be a issue, and may require more than one attempt. 

Stem Cell Therapy: Advancells Protocol

The diagnosis of male infertility will be established on the basis of two semen analysis evaluations done at separate occasions; this will be followed by detailed history taking, physical examination and investigations. Investigations include serum FSH, LH, karyotyping and testosterone levels, and may include testicular biopsy or transrectal ultrasound if indicated. Cell therapy of male infertility using multipotent stem cells is considered as an important treatment modality of male infertility. Stem cell therapy can be used for treatment of male infertility to repair inability and dysfunction of germ cells and also differentiation/ proliferation of germ cells. During spermatogenesis, different testicular cells -including germ, Sertoli, Leydig and peritubular myoid cells-interact with each other. Therefore, infusion into the testicular region is considered as an appropriate microenvironment to induce derivation of germ cells from different potent tissue sources of our bodies.

The entire medical procedure at Advancells consists of 4 steps:

Qualification For The Treatment

Source Extraction

Laboratory Processing


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