Mental Illness or Mental Health…hush! You shouldn’t talk about it, it’s a taboo!!!!!!!!! With approx.

200 million people affected and with an average rate of 10.9 for every 10-lakh people, with majority under the age of 44 as told by WHO, India has become the most depressed country. This stigma has been a growing issue globally; and hence, it is important to be critically aware about how to advocate the issues in terms of available treatments and time. And I did exactly the same. I fought my depression!

I used to be very close to my mother; for that matter every individual is! But we feel connected to her right from her womb. We feel secure, we feel protected, isn’t it? Well, there must be some reason for this connection! Yes, the reason is our umbilical cord, we are connected with our mother through this magical bridge of nature; we eat through that bridge, we sense the world through it, our brain is getting developed because of it! When I had lost my mother, I was all alone. I started being insecure! I was severely disturbed and emotionally down! However, I realized that we owe something towards science as well. Although, my mother was not there with me, but the gift of science and technology was! Yes, the stem cells presented to us are the new medical boon with the power to heal, everything that has gone wrong inside us!

What Are Stem Cells And How Can Be They Helpful In Mental Illness?

Stem cells are those specialized cells that could differentiate in any other form and which have the capability to repair other damaged cells or tissues. These are the cells responsible for developing into an entire human being in mother’s womb! So, what is their role in treating mental issues? Correlate computers with our brain. Throughout our life, the brain is working continuously; in fact, more than its capacity sometimes! With every 5-6 years our systems need updating, due to decreased memory.

Stem Cells Can Top Up More RAM To Help Brain Get Going!

A lot of research had been done but a lot more work is needed in this field. The inaccessibility to human brain tissues had lagged the work and researchers had to depend on post mortem or animal models to understand brain and the psychiatric diseases. Recently a professor used stem cells to create neurons by taking human skin samples and reprogramming them to become brain cells or tissues. Cerebral organoids have been developed. It aint science fiction, its sheer fruit of labour.

Though brains are not being made, we are able to see the early embryonic and fetal processes that contribute to brain development. (as told by Williams) San Diego researchers had reprogrammed patients’ skin cells to stem cells and thereby chemically coaxing them to become brain cells. They created mini-brains in the lab. Now, they are able to make patient specific stem cells. Ming, the first researcher to employ stem cells for exploring mental illness disorders has started to develop 3-d brain especially mini brains. Also, human stem cells are being used to find new drugs for mental disorders. The basic goal of stem cells is to create personalized medications for patients. Apart from mental health issues or mental illness, stem cell treatment could be given to cure other neurodegenerative disorders like Autism, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s and many more.

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It’s time to cut the umbilical cord that we had unwantingly formed with depression, hidden insecurities and darkness. As women, we age early, though we are attached longer. Choose your umbilical and get the needed stem cell treatment, heal yourself. Seek support, help, talk but even if it doesn’t help, your umbilical cord will help.

As told by Terry Tempest Williams, “It’s the umbilical cord that connects us to the past present and future forming a delicate relationship, enforcing a responsibility and affirming our ties; we don’t have umbilical cord, but we have our stem cells!