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“Please let me go. I want to go. I would be fine, case if I go!  I love you all, drugstore I miss you all though, tadalafil I can’t live with this pain now, and it sucks! So, it’s better for me if I go!”

Those were the last emotions in my dad’s eyes; he couldn’t speak them although I could easily read them! He was a courageous man with the strong heart, a very good father, loving husband and the most importantly an accepting human being; until and unless he was being controlled by the unfair share of his destiny! Until and unless he was being controlled by Alzheimer’s disease!

I don’t even remember how many days I had spent with the aching heart, with the grief of losing my father! I would spend hours through internet and old journals! It was as if my mind was trying to sew together the pieces of my past! My mind was completely crippled in trying to find out answers for many questions my heart was flooded with! Why children have to go away from their parents? Why my father had to fight so hard for the easy life especially in the later stage of his life? Why only my father?, why the horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s seem to seemingly strike out of nowhere?

Today, I need to write; honouring my father’s struggle for life, my grievances, my heartaches and the answers I could find out! Although, I don’t have specific reasons, but I felt it’s quite therapeutic to write as I understand that the only way for not getting lost in the past grievances is to write!

Being a caregiver of my father, I always kept wondering about the sudden change in his behaviour! I have seen him always in constant dilemma, as if he is missing something, may be his jacket, his bag or may be his identity; but he couldn’t recall it neither could he explain it to me! Many times, I saw him tumbling between the absolute confidence at one point and completely blank at other point. I remember once both of us were happily engaged in our dinner. We were too happy discussing some of the interesting topics and suddenly he asked me about my parents! He wanted to meet them! I was astonished at his behaviour! Was he joking or he was asking it innocently! This was his life, confused, frustrated and painful!

I could now understand that the science has developed very fast to relieve many of the frustrating patients from their pain. Regenerative medicine has the potential to generate lost cells or tissues. Stem cell treatment can be offered to many of the patients; who have been suffering from various degenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. With the same speed of technical advancements, a day will not be too far away when; people can routinely opt for the stem cells treatment. Stem cells can actually stop the progression of the degeneration of brain cells and improve the cognitive functions, which are being lost in Alzheimer Disease. These cells are in our own body and the technology can exploit them for us!

I learnt these advancements after losing my father; but I hope that one day the light of science will shine so brightly that it will pass on the many individuals to remove the darkness of Alzheimer Diseases and I hope that our precious loved ones will be with us smiling, happy and content for rest of their life!