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Sports injury Treatments: Sports injury is a broader term referring to the kind of injuries occurring most commonly during sports as well as exercises. Thus, sports injuries are common for both, whether you are an elite athlete or just hitting a gym for your routine exercises.

These injuries can happen due to variety of ways, like may be due to accidents or due to poor training processes, like improper equipments, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm up or stretching, and thus it can happen at any time or to any part of the body; however some of the commonly reported sports injuries are:

  • Golf as well as tennis elbow
  • Sprained or twisted joints
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Hand and ankle injuries due to strains
  • Jaw as well as facial trauma
  • Torn ligaments or cartilages

Apart from the one listed above, there can be many more injuries related to all body parts. However, these injuries need more innovative approach that doesn’t rely on conservative narcotic medicines and/or unnecessary surgery; below mentioned treatment approach along with some physical therapy have proven track record of success. It can be noted as:

  • Stem cells injections
  • Platelet rich plasma injections as a booster

Thus the advancements in regenerative medicine, have found out an anecdote in terms of stem cells treatment for retaining lost functions of the tissue. In general, stem cells are the skilled cells, which can be collected from one part of the body, enriched outside in the laboratory and implanted back into the body, to repair damaged cells. Once inside the body, these stem cells have proven to improve vascularization, reconstruct torn tissues and regenerate lost ones, by creating a microenvironment that can boost the production of immune regulatory cells. These stem cells, if stimulated with your own platelet rich plasma; they can reach at the targeted areas and secrete growth factors to enhance healing.

Thus by pinpointing the source of pain, it is now possible to treat various sport injuries using multitude of advanced treatments including stem cells therapy.