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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Results for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

36 women and 14 men were put under observation after they underwent the multiple sclerosis treatment.

The average age of the patients before the multiple sclerosis treatment was about 48 years. The average time between the treatment and the evaluation/observation was near to 5 months.

Overall 25 patients showed signs of improvement. 18 patients didn’t show any significant change in their conditions, while natural disease progression was found in seven patients.

68.8% of the patients showed development in muscle strength while 78.9% showed development in the spasticity of the limbs and 55.6% proved better coordination of the limbs.

50% of the patients gained the ability to stand alone while 25% gained the ability to walk without any external aid.

Vision perspicacity improved in 57.1% of the total patients. Bowel control and bladder control improved in 28.6% and 47.1% respectively of the total number of patients.

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