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My genes are well allowing me for my non vegetarian diet. However, my inter-regional marriage forced me to be a completely vegetarian and I end up in losing my hair without enough protein supplements. New environment, high stressed job were among the extra culprits! This was not accepted by me at all. When it comes to maintaining my hair, I don’t trust on any serums or supplements; which are available in market and are claiming to give your hair back. Science is not that simple. If you have sudden change in your body, then it’s for sure that your body has gone through something unusual.

Internet can give you information on never ending list of possible hair restoration techniques available with both the options; natural as well as unnatural. Obviously, I wanted a treatment that is natural as well as effective unlike just a tropical application of some shampoos or creams.

“Go natural with your own plasma!” That attracted my lot of attention; how can my own plasma be effective in stopping my hair loss? Well, my enthusiasm made me search more on the internet and finally I could come across the conclusion that there will not be any effective, natural treatment other than PRP for your hair loss.

PRP, is a platelet rich plasma; basically a component of your own blood that is extremely dense in growth factor due to its high platelet content. Our body uses these growth factor for fighting various viral or bacterial attack, autoimmune reactions, some disease conditions, etc. In this technologically advanced era, we can use this PRP to stimulate the cellular structure of our own body as a treatment against some unwanted conditions such as hair loss.

As in hair loss, hair follicle loses its strength to hold the hair due to various genetic and environmental reasons. The hair follicles are being nourished for the strength and support by the underlying quota of cells such as keratinocytes, fibroblasts, collagen, etc. When these cells are lost or deactivated; they stop the function of nourishment and support.

PRP can be effectively used to stimulate these cells to work faster with heightened efficiency. Thus, you can now stop the hair fall with your own blood that to very naturally and effectively. All it takes is a withdrawal of 30 ml of your venous blood, preparation and intra-dermal injection around the hair follicles; that’s it!