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No Tumor Risk in Stem Cell Treatment

Do Adult stem cells enhance risk of tumor?

The most frightening doubt regarding adult stem cell treatment that certainly forces patients to refrain from this form of treatment is the arguable risk of enhancing the formation of cancerous tumors by the therapy. It is justified in case of embryonic stem cell therapy where the cells divide uncontrollably and rapidly thereby enhancing the risk as well as occurrence of cancer-causing tumors in animals as well as humans. Needless to say that embryonic stem cell therapy is therefore strictly prohibited by law in most nations. At Advancells, we guarantee a cancer-risk free treatment because our treatment involves autologous adult stem cells which have proved to be non-carcinogenic.

The following facts can clear your doubts regarding the cancer-causing potential of the adult stem cell therapy:

Adult stem cells therapy does not result in increased tumor risk unless the patient is suffering from cancer prior to treatment. These cells are transplanted shortly after extraction followed by purification and concentration for only therapeutic purposes.

Fact 1:

The treatment of leukemia or lymphoma with adult stem cell therapy for more than the last four decades has shown no indications of increased tumor formation.

Fac 2:

The behavioral pattern of adult stem cells is heavily environment-specific. Yet, up till now no evidence has been obtained to support the theory concerning the promotion of cancer-causing tumor formations in humans by these cells.

One exception that has serious consequences must be understood. An existing tumor's growth may be augmented following the implantation of autologous adult stem cells if and when these have been damaged due to irradiation leading to hardening of cancerous tissue post treatment.

Fact 3:

Adult stem cells have a tendency to form cancerous cells only if multiplication in a dish during culture is allowed for a long time span. This is because the probability of genetically defective clusters increases proportionately with increase in total number of cell divisions.

Fact 4:

Laboratory testing of the therapy to study tumorigenicity in mice showed no increment in risk; it is available on file as Advancells data.


Relying on the latest findings of modern research, we can safely state that the Stem Cell treatment offered by Advancells does not increase the risk of tumors or cause them owing to the fact that we use adultstem cells instead of embryonic cells. We take every precaution to reduce the cancer risks to zero by ensuring prevention of multiplication of cells due to immediate transplant post purification and concentration. Unfortunately, Advancells' policy strictly prohibits treatment of patients with cancerous as well as benign tumors.

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