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Champions of Change - Transforming India through G2B (Government to Business) partnership

16 August 2017

NITI Aayog, the premier policy ?Think Tank? of the Government of India, providing both directional and policy inputs, recently organised an interactive conference between the private sector and the government on 16th and 17th August 2017. Termed as Champions Of Change, the conference aimed to channelize private sectors dynamism and innovative spirit towards country?s growth and betterment...

India's Advancells Reports Successful Reversal of MS in Single Patient Using Stem Cell Therapy

14 August 2017

Advancells says its stem cell-based therapy completely reversed multiple sclerosis (MS) in an Indian pilot trial with only one MS patient. The patient, Rahul Gupta, was diagnosed with MS seven years ago and has since suffered multiple relapses. His disease was progressing fast and he was quickly losing his ability to walk...

Advancells Announces Successful Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis Through Adult Stem Cell Therapy

4 August 2017

Advancells, an India-based research oriented company today announced successful reversal of Multiple Sclerosis using Adult Stem Cells and Regenerative medicine in the pilot patient of a planned clinical trial

Auckland, New Zealand resident Rahul Gupta has become the first patient to be recruited under a pilot study to ascertain the efficacy of Autologous Adult Stem Cells in...

Stem-cell therapy treats 58-year old American's 40 years of blindness

2 october 2016

NK Health, New Delhi [India], Oct. 2 : Stem-cell therapy, that uses stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition, is indeed a one to uproot different long-drawn diseases.

Noida-based stem cells therapy solution provider, Advancells, has successfully improved the vision of a 58-year-old American National, Al Purdy, who was suffering from macular degeneration...

Age reversal, naturally

30 July 2016

Getting old mentally may be considered a good thing as it adds wisdom and experience, but when it starts affecting our skin, a majority of us panic.

We leave no stone unturned to reverse time by either applying endless creams or going under the knife. Understanding the body?s and skin?s needs is crucial to keeping one?s skin young for long without falling back on temporary, unreliable and often damaging solutions...

Advancells to launch oncology-specific cell line to help oncologists manage tumours

29 July 2016

Advancells, a Noida-based stem cell therapy solution provider, will soon launch an oncology-specific cell line where the company will collect peripheral blood from the patient and process it to create stem cells like dendritic cells and Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells). These cells have the potential to get attached to the tumour in the body and destroy the same. This will be a helpful tool for the oncologist in managing the tumours...

Stem cell therapy proves to be boon for organ transplant seekers: Vipul Jain

16 July 2016

Every year hundreds of people die in the country while waiting for an organ transplant. Considering the huge number of people waiting for cadaver organs, stem cell therapy can prove to be beneficial to them, said Vipul Jain, founder of Advancells. Stem Cells have shown great promise in solving the issue of organ transplants. It can work in two ways. Firstly, stem cells can help in regenerating the damaged organ thereby reducing the need of an organ transplant itself...

Why India's core healthcare startups haven't received much funding

23 MAY 2016

India has 1.5 billion people, and they fall sick (Lord forbid). It's a pain. However, while India's startup revolution has transformed retail, automobiles and other consumer segments, core healthcare remains relatively untouched. India's IT cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgaon are becoming boomtowns for healthcare start-ups, and with investors willing to fund dreams, there seems to be an interest in the space...

Stem cells: The New Age Remedy to Staying Young Naturally Dr. Lipi Singh, Chief Technology Officer , Advancells, New Delhi

4 April 2016

As soon as one enters the age bracket of 40, the tell-tale effects of the aging process begin to take their toll. Getting old mentally may be considered a good thing as it adds wisdom and experience but when it starts affecting the skin, a majority of women panic. They leave no stone unturned to reverse time by either applying endless creams or going under the knife which questions the practicality of such actions...