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Advancells plans to open stem cell research labs in Bengaluru

30 March 2016

Bengaluru, Mar 30 (UNI) Advancells, a Noida-based Stem Cell Therapy solution provider in India, is all set to open its state-of-the-art research laboratories in the IT hub to undertake research in stem cells for treatment procedures. Advancells CEO Vipul Jain said that "the new research labs in Bengaluru would not only enhance the diagnostic facilities here, they will also make the treatment of degenerative diseases easier for patients living in their close vicinity."...

Post Budget Reactions From The New-Age India Inc

29 February 2016

The budget is out, and it has been a mixed one for startups. While there are significant announcements on women entrepreneurship, tax holidays and company registration, Government?s demeaning silence over Angel tax has hit the startup community like a thorn in the flesh. We thus received quotes from the community?s biggest influencers. Let?s see what they have to say :...

Scaling New Frontiers In Stem Cell Research

19 February 2016

Noida-based Advacells says it has the technology to prepare the body with stem cell stimulation and growth factors before the actual stem cell transplant and intends to file a patent for it.
Advancells is offering solutions in the fields of neurological conditions, chronic kidney diseases, liver diseases, cardiology, infertility and cosmetic procedures....

Startup Twist in Healthcare Tale

17 February 2016

The startup movement has given new dimension to the way healthcare is delivered, with more and more IT-led innovations emerging on the horizon. But going hasn?t been all that easy for the startups, who have to fend for funding, followed by numerous regulatory challenges. Romiya Das of Elets News Network (ENN) takes a look on how the healthcare startups are gaining momentum amid various roadblocks on the way...

Career options in stem cell research

9 January 2016

The field of stem cell research offers lucrative career options for people looking for something different in the field of medical science.
Stem cell research is emerging as one of the most viable career options for youngsters, willing to take on a variety of challenges. Let us first understand why stem cell therapy or regenerative therapies are often dubbed as the ?Future of Modern Medicine.?...

Stem cell therapy repairs kidney damage of a 61-year old retired Government servant

02 November 2015

The Chronic Kidney disease patient is now stable and is free from undergoing expensive dialysis andkidney transplant procedures. New-Delhi based Stem Cell Therapy solution providers, Advancells, has successfully repaired the damaged kidneys of a 61-year-old retired government servant from Jammu, Kulwant Singh who was suffering from a chronic kidney disease....

Advancells? Stem cell therapy treats 29 year old South African banker of Macular Degeneration

30 October 2015

New-Delhi based Stem Cell Therapy solution providers, Advancells, is showing tremendous success in treating Nishani S., a 29-year-old South African Banker of Macular Degeneration. Nishani has now started showing drastic improvement in her vision that has improved to 6/24 from 6/60. The major blinding disease of macular degeneration results in the loss of central vision because the light-detecting cone photoreceptors stop working. ..

Stem Cell Research Firm Advancells?s Funding Requirements And Plans!

8 OCTOBER 2015

To cater the need of better Stem Cell Research in India, Advancells was set up in 2013. It is a research-based company which focuses on providing cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life-threatening diseases and also targets lifestyle diseases with anti-aging technology. Advancells is a Stem Cell Therapy solution provider in India, delving into the field of stem cell therapies. Breaking the stereotype regarding stem cell companies that most often offer arrangements for stem cell banking, Advancells focuses purely on stem cell therapy.

Take heed before you shell out big bucks on a stem cell therapy

06 October 2015

Widely accepted as the future of medical technology, the Indian market potential for stem cell treatment is slated to be in the range of US$ 500 million.
Stem cell treatment has been widely accepted as the future of medical technology, therapy and any kind of treatment for health hazards. Research so far has proved that stem cells have the capability to treat human diseases therapeutically. However, researchers are still in their early stages and trials are being conducted on an ongoing basis...

Advancells is the 12th best startup company in Asia

26 July 2015

"Advancells is using stem cell therapy to treat various medical conditions. The company focuses on providing treatment for many diseases like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), autism, diabetes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer?s, and ophthalmological disorders. It even carries out certain cosmetic procedures. Post-treatment procedures are carried out...