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Advancells ties up with Global Stem Cells Group

16 March 2015

Advancells, a stem cells therapeutic solutions provider announces its partnership with Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. The Group will share protocols and expand GSCG operations in the India subcontinent with stem cell training and a new treatment center. The company with some of the most advanced protocols in the world, focuses on therapeutic applications of regenerative medicine primarily used in stem cells generated from the patient?s own body...

Demystifying Stem Cells Treatments

9 May 2015

Vipul Jain, CEO, Advancells shares how by 2020, we will be able to produce a wide range of tissues using adult stem cells, with noteworthy progress in tissue building and repair. Stem cells are found in the body?s organs, tissues, blood, and immune system and have the ability to regenerate into additional stem cells or differentiate into specialised cells, such as nerve or blood cells.

Stem Cell therapy is the future of modern medicine: Advancells CEO

12 May 2015

To understand the gradually picking Stem Cells procedures to cure chronicle diseases, Wellness India approached Vipul Jain, CEO, Advancells, one of the most advanced and safest Stem Cell Therapy solution providers in India.

Stem Cell Therapy treatment: Banking on the futuristic elixir

21 May 2015

It may not be a new discovery and may still be under constant debate, but Stem Cell Therapy has the innate scope as the next panacea for all ailments. The immense potential of an umbilical cord in treating incurable and irreversible diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's has brought the therapy at the centre stage.

Advancells ? Working Towards Making Stem Cells Therapy A Reality In India !

2 June 2015

Stem cells play a fundamental role in our biological development. They are the body?s building blocks capable of generating an entire human being in vitro. These stem cells promise to provide medical science with a powerful tool. Recent breakthrough in the understanding of the intrinsic and extrinsic regulators of stem cell proliferation and factors controlling cell lineage determination and differentiation have made it possible to culture human stem cells.

Envisioning growth

29 June 2016

Stem cells have been grabbing massive attention recently. For those who aren?t aware, these are the cells that are preserved under the temperature of nearly 180 degrees for a long period of time, and years later, the same cells are taken out, thawed and brought back to life. This isn?t a scientific fabrication, in fact, it is a developing field of science and is in fact the ?future of modern medicine?.

Naturo eyes Rs 100 crore revenue in 5 yrs

25 February 2015

Food and fruit products maker Naturo is looking at Rs 100 crore revenues by 2020, a top official said today. The Chittoor-based company, which had registered revenues of Rs 30 crore last year, is pinning hopes on processed fruits category, which contributes majority of revenue, Naturo Food and Fruit Products Director, K Sivamohan Reddy said.


13 January 2015

The stem cell therapy is still far away from the patients of the State Capital. However, a patient in the local Akshay hospital went through this therapy on Monday. Delhi-based Regenerative Medicine and Cell based therapies consultant Dr Vikram Pabreja, who had come to Bhopal only in connection with this particular patient, told The Pioneer that the hospitals in Bhopal are still not quipped with the infrastructure needed to the stem cell therapy.