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Advancells Achievements in 2017

Stem Cell Therapy is becoming the focal point of the Indian Healthcare industry. Among the different stem cell institutes in India, Advancells has emerged as the premier company in stem cell and regenerative medicine industry by providing state-of-the-art facilities and touching the lives of more than 8000 patients. As opposed to other stem cell institutes that offer stem cell banking, Advancells offers high-quality, pure and viable stem cells for stem cell-based treatments to cure life threatening and otherwise considered as untreatable conditions. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Advancells is constantly thriving to excel in terms of stem cell research.

Advancells Achievements in 2017

The year 2017 was marked by a series of national and international awards and recognition for Advancells. The company has been honoured to be awarded as one of the top 100 healthcare brands of Asia. The prestigious award is being recognized by the Economic Times, during INDO-UAE strategic conclave 2017, at Dubai. It is indeed a great motivation for the team, to be the leading stem cell company, with upgraded technology and exclusive delivery methods of cells, into the body. Through the recent association of the company with Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 held in Hyderabad, which was marked by the presence of the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi and Mrs. Ivanka Trump, the special advisor to the President of the United States of America; the successful entrepreneurs all around the world have vetoed Advancells to be one of them. Moreover, the team was humbled to be recognized as a leader in Stem Cell Research and Innovation in India and showcase its achievements to the corporate industrial and healthcare community. The 2017 CMO Asia Award in Healthcare Excellence was presented to Advancells for its innovative approach in tackling untreatable conditions with the help of stem cell therapy. Advancells was also recognized for delivering superior quality product and treatment in comparison to other stem cell companies in India. The CMO Asia award highlighted the hard work, dedication and ingenuity of the team of scientists and physicians for bringing advanced treatment methods to the Indian population at affordable costs. Advancells approach to harness the unlimited potential of autologous stem cells and the team’s constant effort to develop a modern and superior treatment in an ethical and methodical manner could very well benefit patients not only in India but all around the world. In addition, Advancells also bagged the 1st runners-up position in Regenerative medicine/Life sciences division at the Indo-China (Shenzhen) Innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Bengaluru. The competition saw one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs belonging to the life science innovation field from all over India. The Advancells team, represented by Mr. Vipul Jain and Dr. Lipi Singh, proved that the institute combines a unique group of talented scientists and managerial experts and have set high standards of stem cell treatment.

The Amir of the State of Kuwait, Royal Highness Sheikh Sahab Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah chose Advancells among all the stem cell companies in the world for seeking stem cell-based treatment. He underwent successful therapy and was very pleased with the care and attention he received from the Advancells staff. He highlighted the staff’s effort of going out of their way in taking his utmost care along with their attention to detail and precision at every step of the treatment and stay. The Amir’s visit was another feather in the cap of Advancells success and put the company on the global map for patients seeking stem cell therapy.

Advancells’ success also compelled the Indian government to take serious note of the company and the potential role it could play in the healthcare sector. ‘Niti Aayog’, the premier decision-making body of the government of India recently organised an interactive conference called ‘Champions of Change’. The conference participants comprised of young entrepreneurs and start-ups representing the private sector and, the government. The main objective of the gathering was to discuss policies that encourage private sector dynamisms and innovations for India’s growth and betterment. The Advancells team was honoured to be part of the talented group of innovators from different fields of the industry and share its inputs regarding the healthcare sector and advanced treatment methods. Overall, the year 2017 has made everyone at Advancells very proud of their efforts. The Advancells team is confident of the advancement in innovative, safe and sustainable healthcare towards which, the company and the country is headed.