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Life style modifications; almost every one of us is suffering from its negative impact. For your entire life; you keep on running behind money, career, and children; without giving a damn to your body! The situation reminds me of one of the Aesop Fables; which I think all of you might have heard in your childhood. The ant and the grasshopper; the ant was busy preparing himself for winter, by gathering food and shelter; whereas the grasshopper was pretty careless by not being caring or planning for his winters. The gist, of the story is that, an ant was saved and grasshopper perished later on. Thus, for all your life; if you can take out some time for maintaining good, healthy diet, exercises, sleep and developing stress reduction programme; it can provide you a strong foundation for maintaining overall well being and avoid age old diseases such as “Arthritis.”

If you are suffering from some age old diseases like arthritis; pain associated with the same, will be a part of your daily routine. Although, you cannot just ignore it to be routine and continue to live with the same pain, day in and day out; it is necessary to manage disease indication behind the pain. Scientifically, pain is defined as the inflammatory response, organized by your own immune system; in order to inform brain about the damage or injury that has taken place. The pain can as well be linked with emotional tumult, leading to unexplained depression or mental pressure.

In an arthritic attack, pain can be due to any conditions, such as cartilaginous damage, in case of osteoarthritis or due to immune activated neuronal inflammation as in case of rheumatoid arthritis. Whatever can be the cause, it can indeed be very challenging for patient as well as his treating physician; to pinpoint the exact cause and manage symptoms associated with the pain. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition and the most common form of arthritis; wherein the cartilaginous cushions, present between the two bones of joint; naturally get progressively degenerated due to weight gain. The absence of these cushions can increase the frictional loss of bone coverings of the joints; leading their speedy deterioration, causing pain, stiffness and structural abnormalities. Your arthritic conditions cannot be cured through the traditional treatment approach, involving just the symptomatic management of the pain than to treat the primary cause of the disease. Some of the commonly prescribed medications for a condition can be anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc. These medications are as well reported to be dangerous, if consumed for long term. Thus, it is always advisable to go far modern, realistic option such as stem cells treatment.

Stem cells are the fundamental cells of the body; staying in their dormancy in all adult organs for the entire human life. These organs utilize the exclusive regenerative power of stem cells; in restoring natural cellular make up, after routine wear and tear of the body. Now, with the help of technical advancements, it is possible to isolate stem cells from the unused, reserved of quota of your own body, enrich them in the laboratory and direct them at the site of injury by reinfusion. Once, infused back in the body; these stem cells can regulate immune response, regenerate lost cells and exhibit anti-inflammatory properties to stop or minimize further progression of the disease.

With our patented stimulation technique, these stem cells are super enriched with patient’s own platelet rich plasma and infused back in between joints to regulate immune mechanism and promote faster healing.