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Parkinson's Disease Patient Stories

Stan Lahovec, 61 years, Parkinson's

Going to crash but after few long seconds, which seemed like eternity, the plane stabilised and we started. My name is Stan Lahovec, I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Originally I come from Slovenia but I've been Australian citizen for more than 30 years. By trade, I am an optical technician and have been working in the industry since March, 1984.My passion is oil painting, which I had to put on hold because of my disease...

Hortense Buise-Weidema, 52 years, Parkinson's

In February 2002, the neurologist at the hospital in The Hague diagnosed me with Parkinson's. I was prescribed Sinemet and Comtan. I worked as a teacher at a secondary school teaching history and to make sure that I could keep working, I was referred to the LUMC for possible brain surgery. The doctors decided that was too dangerous and I was then prescribed Sifrol. The side-effects of the medications were variable but increasing...

Bob Ransley, 68 years, Parkinson's

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2003. My father had it, so the Neurologist said, and you have inherited it from him. Not really good news when you are a Pianist and Organist. My life went on hold and I stopped playing because of the shake in my hands.
"... (I) am spending more time each day playing the piano and organ"..

Herman E, 70 years Parkinson's

Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in February of 2000. My symptoms at that time were a lack of facial expression (I didn't blink), right hand tremor, my arms didn't swing when I walked, I was taking smaller steps, my posture was bad, and my writing had become tiny and illegible. I sought naturopathic treatment the first year or so and did have some improvement in my symptoms...

Jon Andresen, 71 years, Parkinson's disease

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease on July 20th, 2004. I was suffering from uncontrolled movements and back pain. I went to my doctor and asked him if there was anything he could do. He referred me to a neurologist who ordered an MRI. After reviewing my MRI, the neurologist told me that I had Parkinson's disease.

Aubra Philips, 59 years, Parkinson's

I started to notice tremors in my left hand and began to lose my gait and drag my left leg. Then I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 36. I had remarried one year earlier and was literarily caught in the middle of life. I was still a young man and often had to face weird reactions from people who were not aware of my illness...

Johannes Wolf, 72 years, Parkinson's

I was on a skiing holiday with my wife in 2003. The ski instructor showed us a stem turn and suddenly I found that my ski wouldn't do what I wanted it to anymore. I went to my GP first for a check-up and she sent me to a neurologist. He diagnosed Parkinson's and this was subsequently confirmed in a university clinic by an MRI scan...

Ted Ebertsch, 66 years, Parkinson's

I retired from scientific work in 2002 and was teaching mathematics as a substitute teacher when I started to notice slight leg tremors, particularly in my left leg. They seemed to be caused by stress, but also appeared when I was just sitting in a chair; my leg would do an involuntarily 'dance'. In early 2005, shortly after I first noticed these tremors, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease...

Gilda Bertran, 54 years, Parkinson's

I was a very active athlete and frequently participated in marathons and triathlons before I developed a back condition and had to undergo 3 spinal surgeries. After the last surgery my overall constitution had deteriorated. I began to walk with a stiff hand and dragged my foot. My right hand and leg were shaking...

Margrethe Stege, 82 years, Parkinson's

"I am very happy with the results and improvements after my stem cell treatment".
I live in Silkeborg, Denmark and have been practicing as a qualified physiotherapist for many years.
I was first diagnosed in 2007 but I knew long before that something was not right...

Lawrence Lindsley, 68 years, Parkinson's

I am a 68 year old retired police officer and retired USAR officer. I am married and we have three children and six grandchildren. I have led a fairly active life, as both professions required that I keep in fairly good condition. I still do moderate workouts and continue to play golf when possible..