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Parkinson's Disease Treatment Results *

Results of Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

A total of 75 patients underwent the Parkinson’s disease treatment and out of which 36 patients reported significant clinical improvements.

The rest of the patients did not mention any clinical improvements, but at the same time they did not report any disease progression.

21 patients out of the total 75 - their clinical improvements were confirmed by their respective physicians. 5 patients reported to have decreased their medication while 4 patients were able to completely discontinue their Parkinson’s disease related medicine.

Positive reports regarding the decrease of motor Parkinsonism (N=29) was reported by most of the patients which included the symptoms of tremor and rigidity. This eventually resulted in dexterity (N=23), improved speech (N=24), handwriting (N=20), swallowing (N=20) and most importantly - stability (N=19). 30 patients also reported an augmentation in self-motivation

parkinson's results

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