Aaron Wood

Year of birth: 1949

Occupation: Retired rancher

State after 3 heart attacks, Congestive heart failure

Heart attack at 38

I suffered from a massive heart attack in 1988; the result was a necrosis of the backside of my heart. A large part of my cardiac muscle was replaced by scar tissue. Two more heart attacks followed in 1990 and 1992. In 1994, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Our ranch was claimed in 1904 and I was raised in a family of ranchers, but my active life as a rancher was over after the first heart attack. It seems a family tradition: 16 Woods passed away from heart-damage and I was living in constant fear of dying. Nine angiograms were performed and stents were placed. During these years I turned down two possible heart transplants because I did not want to live with the immune suppressive medications for the rest of my life.

“I no longer have any angina pain or no shortness of breath – no symptoms whatsoever”

However, I tried to live my life as actively as possible; taking part in a 5,000 mile motor cycle vacation in 1994 where I got sick. I did not think I would make it home alive. My friend got me home and a pacemaker was implanted which, at that time, worked wonders.

Six months ago, after an examination that showed a very poor cardiac function and my EF capacity down to 19 %, a nurse finally suggested to me that I could look up at Cells4health and inquire about stem cell treatment. I contacted their representatives, sent all my medical records for evaluation and was accepted as a patient. I was quite anxious about the outcome and was not certain if I would make it back home and made preparations for the worst case. I did not want to worry my daughter who accompanied me to Dusseldorf. She had to wheel me in a wheelchair, as I could walk only a short distance by myself.

Stem cell therapy

At clinic, bone marrow was extracted from my hip bone and sent to a laboratory where stem cells were separated from it. Two days later the stem cells were re-implanted by catheter therapy by the cardiologist during a 45-minute interventional therapy.

I was hospitalized and connected to a portable heart-monitor for one night at the hospital. When I awoke in the middle of the night, at about 4 AM, I felt like something was entirely different. I got up and did 4 knee-bends and 4 push-ups and did not get light headed! I was thinking this could be a placebo, but was too excited to go back to sleep and walked up and down the hallways for the next 2 ? hours. I liked it!

When a check-up electrocardiogram was done in the morning, the nurse ran it 3 times with a confused look on his face. He could not believe the result he saw and contacted my surgeon. I started to worry! The cardiologist was there within 3 minutes. He performed a half hour electrocardiogram test and showed me what he saw: the backside of my heart was pumping! Only one day after treatment my EF capacity went up from 15 % to 35 %.

It was a miracle! I had gone from a terminal illness to having a future. I carried my own bags and walked on my own two feet when returning to back home to the US, just 5 days later. My Doc back home examined me 10 days after stem cell therapy and agreed to have my pacemaker turned down.

My new life

A recent check-up showed my EF capacity at 45- 55 %. Just two weeks after treatment, I went from 15 prescription pills per day down to 2; walk 2.5 miles without turning blue, lift weights and – finally after 22 years – live a normal life. I am going skydiving next weekend, something I last enjoyed 3 years ago.

I am amazed and really believe in stem cell therapy. My brother is a diabetic and my banker has a heart condition. Both are planning to seek treatment with stem cells in the near future and I support and encourage them in their plans.

Update, October 7th 2009:

I no longer have any angina pain or no shortness of breath – no symptoms whatsoever. I am walking 3 miles per day and lifting heavy weights again. I consider this a complete reversal. I saw my cardiologist 2 weeks ago for more testing and he is still shaking his head!



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POST TITLE: Aaron Wood, Age 60 – 3 heart attacks and heart failure

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 10th November 2018

RELATED DISEASE: Cardiovascular/Heart Disease



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