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My condition before Stem Cell Therapy

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago. I was suffering from uncontrolled tremors and back pain. Although, diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be life changing, when my neurologist told me that probably I might not be able to walk within next 5 years.

“…Now, I am walking; like I was before, I had Parkinson’s…”

Initially I was on certain medications, which I have been asked to take for rest of my life. Although, my tremors and shaking did not get reduced; but yes I was find as soon as my medications were with me! I used to find stiff in the morning that went on increasing! When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease; I did not find anyone of my age, who had Parkinson’s. I started searching on the internet to know about recent developments in Parkinson’s Treatment. And then I came across the stem cells therapy and clinics offering the same. After reading the company’s website, I was astounded with its work and no. of patients treated with the same.

Before heading to the clinic, I was pretty skeptical though about the latest treatment and its feasibility. After having thorough telephonic discussion about stem cells treatment with one of its representative, I decided to proceed with medical evaluation. After analyzing all my medical history, MRI, CT scan and neurological exam reports; they found me eligible to undergo stem cells therapy.

My Progress after Stem cell Therapy

I underwent autologous stem cells treatment from my own Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue. The entire treatment was a one day affair and I returned back to USA within the same week. I was very obliged for the service, treatment modalities and physiotherapies that I had been offered.

To my surprise, I started walking within four days of my treatment. I could sense that I was not dragging my right foot every time I took a step

“…Slowly and gradually, I could reduce my medications…”

Within a month of my treatment, I noticed that my neck wasn’t stiff anymore and I could drink fluids without many efforts. I am sleeping longer at night and have as well gained some weight about 10 pounds. This was the first time in last so many years that I could gain weight. Although, I was still shaking but I was informed that this might happen. Perhaps, it is too soon since I had the procedure less than three months ago.

I’d like to add that exercise has helped my post-treatment progress tremendously. I recommend that anyone who is treated for Parkinson’s get as much exercise as possible.

All my friends and other people I meet say that I am looking good. Their next question is why I could not get this procedure done in the United States? That’s a good question!

Email Update – Six months follow up

From: Jon Andresen

Subject: Neurologist Check up.

“…Good Morning!! I went to see my neurologist for a six month follow up check. She was surprised to see an improvement! She was the one that wanted to know if the clinic had a license. Well, she is a believer now. I didn’t tell her though, what has improved as of till date; but she could guess it rightly! This indeed gave me immense pleasure for the right decision, I made!…”


Jon W. Andresen.

From: Jon Andresen

Sent: Saturday, January 16, 4:26 AM

Subject: Its working.

“…Good morning! This will be my six month update; I have no Parkinson’s Pain in my joints. My neck is very good, no movement problems. Also my feet do not feel like they are ten pounds weights. I am still taking my pills for dyskinesia. They help to control my shaking. This probably will be the next thing to go. You know the old saying, first in, last out…”

This is the way it is happening.


Jon W. Andresen.

From: Jon Andresen

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 3:12 AM

Subject: Update.

Good morning.

“…It has been almost eight months and I am living completely pain free life. My speech has been bettered, my walking has improved. I am 72 years old and I am driving for a car hire company. I drive each week between 500 and 1500 miles. I only work three days a week but when I was driving before treatment, my shaking made every car I drove feel like the wheels were out of balance. Now, that is not the case. I keep getting compliments about how much my face has changed. I used to have no facial expression; the “dead pan” look. Now, I am being told, how good I look. However, I am still having Dyskinesia but much more controlled. I used to stop on the road for a Coffee and I would shake so bad that I would use a straw to drink it or I would carry it out and burn my thumb trying to stop the coffee from coming out the vent hole. That is 99 percent behind me now. Walking, talking and no pain were all well worth the Trip…* ”  



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