Date of birth: 1951

Family: 4 children

Occupation: Disabled, former exterminator

Disease treated: Stroke

Stroke following tooth infection

A tooth infection got into my blood stream and developed into an endocarditis, which clogged my heart muscle and resulted in a severe stroke in 1998. I was on the operating table when I suffered yet another stroke.

The results

I remained in the hospital for over 6 weeks and was released in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk or talk. My condition got better with a lot of physical therapy, but I could hardly speak for a whole year. The right sideof my face and the whole right side of my body were paralyzed.

Treatment with adult stem cells in October 2007

I remained in this condition for nearly 9 years and had been doing my own research about solutions to improve my situation when I finally came across the option of treatment with adult stem cells. I traveled with my brother in late October 2007, it was the first trip to Germany for both of us and we enjoyed the sights, especially the famous Cathedral.

The bone marrow was extracted from my hip bone and the stem cells were reimplanted a few days later through a lumbar puncture procedure. I felt sciatic pain in my left leg during the procedure, which disappeared right after the treatment.

The results

Around 6 weeks after the stem cells were reimplanted into my spinal fluid, I woke up one fine day without any ear pain. I had lived with constant dull ear pain for over nine years and the pain had just disappeared! My face didn’t sag so much either. I could control my facial muscles much better and I could speak much better, too. I was finally able to have a conversation again. I had also had no sensation in my paralyzed right arm for those 9 years. All of a sudden the arm started to itch, it itched for literarily 2weeks and then suddenly the feeling returned. I could open and close my hand halfway much more easily. I’d also suffered from some pretty serious pain in my right leg below the knee; the pain has diminished and the only remaining pain is in the right ankle.

My biggest joy has been the ability to play cards again; I have a big passion for Texas Hold´em, a variety of poker. I had not been able to play since the stroke and so I played all through the summer of 2008!


Before my stroke I was very active, I was a kayaker, a bicyclist, a rock climber, soccer player and motorciclist… I certainly can not return to those activities today, but I am very happy with my improvements and where I am. When people ask me about adult stem cell therapy I simply say, “it works”! I am planning to return for another treatment in the next few years.



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