Mr. Arun a 35 year old, professional desperately wanted to restore his frontal hairline back. In a very young age, he had lost majority of his hair from frontal and crown area of his scalp. Like many of the people, his unusual hair loss was a cause of social embarrassment to him.In his initial phase, he was his own doctor! He tried several shampoos, supplements and alternative treatment options of camouflage, which ultimately made him more depressed with the increase in hair loss; this forced him to come to us and opt for the hair restoration with PRP.“My friends would always make fun of my landing strips on my frontal hair lines misinterpreting my age. However, within just 3 months after my treatment, I have regained some of the surprising results. I think it worked for me, I am not finding any shedding of hair and feeling it fuller. It’s not only me even people around me have noticed that!”

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Fig. 1: – A baseline photograph of first hair check to establish a basic measurements. The hair check analysis is performed precisely on three locations. The baseline measurements observed were Front/5 cm, Top/12 cm and Back/70 cm.

Fig. 2: – A venous blood of approximately 30-40 ml was collected, spun and processed for extraction of his own platelet rich plasma. The PRP was injected in the areas that needed improvement.

Fig. 3: – Another hair check was performed after 30 days. The patient observed only mild swelling, may be because of being stuck with the needle. The patient noted comparatively less hair fall with the thicker feeling of his hair texture.

Fig. 4: – With the initial hopeful sign, the patient turned up again after 45 days. This time, his numbers for the hair check were found to be consistent with the assessments, his front and top patches had grown, covering the scalp fully.



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POST TITLE: Mr. Arun 35 Years, Hair Loss

AUTHOR: Editorial Team

POSTED ON: 3rd April 2019



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